What is web hosting and its types.
August 27, 2021

What is web hosting and its types.

If you are completely new in the field of blogging, or you want to advance your local business through website, then you may need to be introduced to a new word here which is – What is Web Hosting.

But you do not need to worry, because like every time, this time too DMINHINDI has brought complete information about Web Hosting Kya Hai and its types to solve your problem. Where you will get answers to all types of questions related to web hosting in your own language Hindi.

Through this article, we will clear all the facts related to web hosting one by one and also see which will be the best web hosting for your online business. But before telling all this, you need to know the most basic question related to web hosting that what is web hosting after all? So let’s know without delay –

According to a report published by here it has been found that a person spends an average of 4.30 hours a day on the internet. It simply means that it is very important for the content to be available on the internet 24 hours a day. Because any person can come to read or watch the same content at any time in the same day.

But is it really possible to keep your content live for 24 hours? Sounds strange doesn’t it? But it is actually possible!!

what is web hosting

For example, just look at YouTube, you can open and watch YouTube at any time throughout the day, it is always live. This means that there is such an institute behind your mobile which always keeps the contents live for you. And this institute itself is known as web hosting.

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Web Hosting Meaning

If we go to the literal meaning of web hosting, then web means the world of the Internet and hosting means hospitality. So overall it means – hosting the content present in the internet world.

This means web hosting is the thing that keeps your content always live. Keeping it live always means – it will continuously display your content to others even when you are sleeping. Not only this, even when you are doing some work on the backend, it will keep your content the same for others. So you must have understood the hosting meaning in Hindi, now we know further in the article how web hosting works.

How does web hosting work?

Web hosting works in a way like server management, where your content is installed on a server, and efforts are made to keep it live 24*7.

However, you can also do this work yourself. Since you have to keep your content live on the internet, so if you want, you can make your hard disc live through the internet. In such a situation, whenever a person wants to search for your content, then he will reach the content present in your hard disk through internet.

It sounds very easy to do this through the Internet. But this work is very difficult and dangerous !!

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The difficulty is in this context that first you have to learn server management to bring your hard disk live on the internet, for which you will have to understand some tough coding languages ​​like C programming, PHP and Mysql database, as well as you have high speed internet. It is necessary to have and that too 24*7.

And this is dangerous because here people are accessing your hard disk through the internet, if you relax the security of your server even a little bit then hackers can steal your personal data.

Due to these reasons, people do not install their own server and buy the server of a company by paying some money for a certain time. Where they are provided a secure CPU by that company, which includes all the useful things like hard disk, RAM, etc. which are helpful to keep your content live at a fast speed. The company providing this server is called web hosting company.

What is the use of hosting?
There are many uses of a web hosting such as:

To make your content available to your readers in any format like jpeg, pdf, txt, word, mp4 etc.
Keeping your website always live for the world, whether you are working on your website or not.
Limiting the distance between the world and your website to just 1 click, any person in the world can easily see your content with a single click.
Providing necessary security to the website, so that your digital business is not harmed by hackers.
Increase the opening speed of your website.
After understanding the use of web hosting, now we will see how many Types of web hosting are there.

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What are the types of web hosting?
There are mainly 4 types of web hosting which are as follows –

Shared web hosting
Dedicated web hosting
VPS web hosting
Cloud hosting
Let us explain the four types of hosting one by one:

what is web hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting
Above we learned how a hosting company works. A CPU is provided through the company which is continuously online.

In shared web hosting, the facility of web hosting is provided by giving space to many people in a single CPU. Its main objective is to introduce small and new businesses in digital form. Since the business is new, so it will have less investment to launch itself digitally, as well as in the new business it is also found that its market capture is not high.

Therefore, shared web hosting suits the expectations of small and new businesses. Because the cost of this web hosting is very low, where you get a web hosting plan for a year between 1200 to 2000 ₹.

2. Dedicated Web Hosting
In this type of web hosting, you are given full rights over a single CPU. This means that you get a complete discount that you can increase everything from the speed of your website by yourself. Also, here you do not have any problem related to the overload of traffic. Even if a lot of traffic comes to your website at one time, then the chances of your website crashing will be very less. This proves to be good for an established and large business.

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Whereas in a share web hosting, there is a chance of a decrease in the speed of your website due to a sudden increase in traffic to one person’s website.

3. What is VPS Web Hosting?

This is another type of web hosting where a path is taken between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting, here you are given space to many people in a single CPU like shared web hosting, but space The method of giving is like a dedicated web hosting system, here you are provided with a separate space. It has been seen that it is a great option for medium business.

4. Cloud Hosting

This is the most popular web hosting for big companies, here the data of your website is stored on many servers at once, as a result of which you get a high speed website. Because the principle of cloud hosting says that the website server must reach the reader before the reader can reach the website.

That is, a website installed in a cloud hosting calls from the nearest server to any user. Due to which cloud hosting gives us maximum speed. It proves to be very useful for big websites like ecommerce.

So friends, in this article, you must have understood what is web hosting and its types. Now let us see what are the features in a hosting in today’s time.

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What are the features in hosting?
The following features are mainly available in all types of hosting –

Disc Storage – To store a certain amount of data
Free Domain Name – A domain name which is your IP address
1 Website – A website where you can make all your content available to the readers
Visits Monthly – The total number of readers who visit your website in a month
Email Account – email account so that you can digitize the agreement related to your business
Free SSL – An encrypted chain for website security
Bandwidth – amount of data transfer
Managed WordPress – Fully optimized WordPress for your convenience
WordPress Acceleration – A fast-moving WordPress that works to advance your digital business.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee – It is provided by every hosting company at present so that if you do not find their services favorable to your business then you can get your money back.
How to choose a good web hosting?
It is necessary for your online business that you should always be online, the speed of your website should be continuously fast. But along with this, the most important thing is that the hosting plan should be according to your business. Following are the major standards for an ideal web hosting –

Web hosting’s server uptime should be closest to 100%.
Hosting server should be installed at the location with most of your users.
WordPress, Joomla or Wix and other similar CMS have the facility of one click installation.
The hosting dashboard is fully optimized.
Support system should be excellent, which has full capacity to provide technical and non-technical help.
Have full facility to upgrade hosting plans.
30 days cashback facility available.
There should be different plans for small, medium and large type of business.
Hosting server should be secured.
Hosting setup should be easy and fast.
Control panel should be user friendly.
Have online chat support.
What does Server Uptime mean?
Server uptime refers to the time when your website is available to use. That is, it is a major standard to know the quality of any server. Because it is a simple matter that the higher the uptime of the server, the more it will remain online.

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Server uptime is shown as a percentage. So you should go with such hosting whose server uptime is near 100%. At present, all the major web hosting companies are paying a lot of attention to their server uptime, as a result of which we are getting to see uptime of up to 99.9%. Therefore, we recommend that you only associate with hosting companies with good uptime.

Linux Web Vs Windows Web Hosting
Linux web hosting and windows web hosting are not types of any web hosting, but it is a system of web hosting. First of all let us understand the meaning of both web hosting –

Linux Web Hosting
Despite being a free and open source platform, Linux has managed to maintain a standard and is the most widely used operating system for hosting today. It is the most popular operating system for web server and it offers more features than expected of a professional web designer.

You cannot do any development on Linux server by yourself, but still you will not get any excuse for not using it, because even if you are not very expert in the subject of coding then Linux web hosting is for you. You have to use cPanel to manage Linux.

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Windows Web Hosting
Unlike Linux, windows operating system is installed on the hosting server in windows web hosting. This means that because it is licensed by Windows, it does not have the same freedom as Linux, because Linux is an open source operating system. Apart from this, when you use Linux web hosting, you do not need to know about Linux, whereas on the contrary, when you have web hosting in the windows operating system, you need to know a lot about windows.

Which type of web hosting should we take for our site?
While choosing any web hosting, you should focus on your needs. You should check that whatever your needs are, does it meet the web hosting? If so then you should go with the same web hosting.

But still it has been seen that many people make mistakes at the time of choosing web hosting, and after some time when they come to know that other type of web hosting is better for their business, then By the time it is too late and a lot of their money is wasted due to wrong selection. In such a situation, today we will try to tell you which web hosting will be best for your business.

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So let’s start with the hosting system, that is, which one should you choose between Linux or Windows operating system?

So the answer depends on what type of business website you want to create? For example, if you want to come in the field of blogging, then it clearly means that you basically want to publish articles in your blog or website, so here you do not have any special meaning with coding. So you should go with open source like Linux.

But if you want to impress people with your coding skills, or you want to work as a coding company, or you do not want to create a website through CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Wix or In clear words, if you want to make your website according to your coding, then you should go with web hosting with windows operating system.

Now if we talk about which type of web hosting will be better for you out of the 4 types mentioned above, then the answer also falls on your need.

for example –

Shared Web Hosting – This type of web hosting is needed by those who are starting their website afresh. That is, those whose investment cost is low and at the same time they also need to increase their market cap.

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Dedicated Web Hosting – A high-end business whose job is primarily to provide digital services to its users may require dedicated web hosting.

VPS Web Hosting – This is generally the middle class business whose market cap is not high but they are in this stage that the digital earning through their website becomes equal to the physical earning in their business. It is good for them.

Cloud Web Hosting – For companies whose entire work is digital, and at the same time they are not limited to just one country, cloud hosting is a great option for them.

Top 3 Best And Cheapest Hosting in India

If we talk in the context of India, then the market of hosting companies has opened here, in such a situation it becomes a complicated task to find the best one. In such a situation, we need to adopt a better strategy to find our best hosting provider, but you do not need to worry, today we have brought you the list of top 3 best hosting in India based on our research, so that you It will be easy to choose your best web hosting –


Price – Cheapest in India (Starting at ₹79 per month)
Performance – 99.9% uptime is seen as well as provides high security.
Support system – Live chat option available, promising to resolve each complaint within an average of 30 minutes.
If you choose the hosting plan of this company then we recommend that you should go with its shared web hosting plan.

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Price – medium (somewhat expensive in the context of India)
Performance – 99.9% uptime with high security
Support system – Bluehost is world famous for providing technical support.
If you want to go with Bluehost then we would advise you to choose it only if you are going to build a website by doing technical or coding.


Price – medium (somewhat expensive in the context of India)
Performance – 99.8 uptime with high security
Support system – Some shortcomings are visible here.
HostGator works well for small businesses to some extent.

Conclusion: Web Hosting

So if you have complete knowledge about hosting then you can definitely choose a best hosting, as well as its information works to take you very far in the digital field along with blogging.

Hope you like this article What is Web Hosting. would have liked. We tried to add many factors in this article so that you get complete information about web hosting.

If at any point of this article you face any problem or you feel difficulty in understanding, then you can ask us by writing it on the comment box below, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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