August 16, 2021

We know well how important it is to offer quality content to users of the Internet. Through the information conveyed it is in fact possible to act across the board, primarily on brand reputation, highlighting corporate values ​​and merits. This activity is very important from an SEO perspective.

This is why it is necessary to structure an effective and long-term content marketing strategy, also including the creation of long form content. In this way you will always be able to keep the spotlight on, communicating with people in the name of correctness and completeness.

Search engines are constantly on the hunt for rich and in-depth articles, both from the point of view of argumentation and information capacity.

They must be able to answer the most popular doubts and questions on the Net. In addition, they must also have a certain graphic style, in order to improve the user experience and stimulate engagement. More and more often we choose to create and convey contents that are defined as ‘long form content’. Let’s see together what it is.

Objective and structure of the ‘long content’

The goal of a long form content, or rather a ‘long’ content, must first of all be able to intercept a large number of keywords. In this way, it can better position itself in the Google SERP. Furthermore, the length of the text must be considerable.

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On this point there is no real agreement and the theories are intertwined, in any case it will be correct to state that there are schools of thought that speak of 7/800 words but also of 1500 .

As for the structure of the long form content, a real in-depth text, we will first have to provide an introduction: here we will offer a first smattering of the topic in question. The goal is to ‘hook’ those who are reading it in order to invite them to continue.

The central body, divided into paragraphs, will contain all the insights that are deemed necessary and useful to the reader. We could talk about an inverted pyramid structure: we start from the general concepts, to go gradually dissecting the details and information for deepening and contextualization that will slowly lead to the conclusion of the text.

As for what in technical jargon are defined headlines H2, H3, H4 – or the titles of the paragraphs – they must offer food for thought. That is, to suggest in summary the info that will be found below.

The distinctive characteristics of the long form content are essentially related to the greater length of the central body and in-depth analysis compared to a ‘normal’ text and the ability to fully answer the questions related to the topic in question.

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The advantages of structuring long form content

Long content can receive a greater number of inbound links and due to its completeness it is more likely to be shared on social platforms. It is also possible to act by monitoring the metric relating to the time spent on the page, so as to focus on the user’s satisfaction. It is clear that embarking on the structuring of a very long content makes sense only and only when there is a strong theme, on which there is no shortage of things to say and deepen.

The in-depth analysis and analysis phase, which is done upstream, serves precisely to establish elements like this. At the base of everything is the identification of the key topic, followed by the keyword search phase and graphic improvement. The presence of ad hoc images will allow you to act on the pace of reading, also improving the positioning on Google Images.

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