Essay on importance of cleanliness
August 19, 2021

Essay on importance of cleanliness essay on cleanliness

Essay on importance of cleanliness: Cleanliness means keeping your house, environment and surroundings clean. Keep yourself physically clean. Cleanliness is very important in life. Cleanliness is not only done by bathing and washing hands, but also keeping the neighborhood, locality and city clean and tidy.

Essay on importance of cleanliness
Essay on importance of cleanliness

It is necessary to throw garbage and rubbish in the dustbin. If a person follows cleanliness everyday and at all times, then he stays away from various types of diseases. Cleanliness is very important to maintain good health. It is necessary to make every member of every family aware about cleanliness. First of all, children have to be explained about cleanliness. Only man can control air, soil and water pollution. These are problems created by man.

Every human should follow the path of cleanliness, that is, he should clean himself. It is their responsibility not only to clean the house but to ensure that there is no filth in their surroundings. India is a country of diversities. People of different religions and religious followers reside here. The importance of cleanliness has been explained in every religion. Therefore, the cleaning of religious places is done in the morning itself.

People make many religious places and public places dirty.

Some educated people have also been found doing this. This is a huge problem. People do not forget to take a bath in the morning, so it is a sad thing to make such places dirty. It is the duty of every countryman to keep the villages, districts and cities clean, only then the whole country will be clean. Every countryman should understand the importance of cleanliness. Tourists coming from outside will not have to face difficulties.

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We always need to keep our house and garden clean and tidy. When guests come, they will also be happy and make a good impression on others. Children will also learn from the cleanliness of the house that they should keep the places around them clean. Children learn from their elders. By keeping cleanliness, the mind and mind of a human being remain happy and every work is engrossed in it. Cleanliness is not only related to the body but also to the mind. Through cleanliness, man can build a civilized and disease free society. Prevention of pollution is also essential. Air and environment is getting unclean every day. This also needs to be taken care of.

The people who come there make the beaches of Mumbai and many places dirty. The water also gets polluted with filth. This is absolutely wrong. People should throw garbage, garbage, plastic bottles in the right place i.e. in the dustbin. If every human being becomes conscious then it is not difficult to build a clean society.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also implemented the cleanliness campaign keeping in mind the importance of cleanliness. Due to which awareness spread among the people and many people have voluntarily i.e. themselves associated with this campaign. The government alone cannot do anything. This means that we all have to do this work together. When humans keep their house clean, then infectious germs and insects do not come to the house. Children are taught and taught about cleanliness in school. In other educational institutions like colleges and universities, students do many types of programs related to cleanliness, so that people become aware of cleanliness.

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Every day people should wash clothes and wear them. It does not cause diseases and we remain germ free. We should wash the floor of the house everyday with disinfectant. Then there is cleanliness.

The father of the nation Gandhiji started the cleanliness campaign in the country. It was later made successful by Narendra Modi ji. The more cleanliness, the less water pollution will be there. People make rivers and other water bodies dirty without thinking. Bathing in rivers, washing clothes and bathing animals should be banned. The water of the rivers is potable and pure. If human beings make the environment and resources dirty without thinking, then the coming generation will not get any luck. It is the duty of human beings to conserve and keep the rivers clean.

Cleanliness is important in our life

We should take bath on time every morning. If a person does not keep his house clean and does not wash his hands from time to time, then he can get sick. When there is no cleanliness in the house, there will be flies in the house which will come and sit on your food, which will spoil your health. Special attention should be paid to these things and should remain disease free.

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Often people are found spitting here and there on the roads. Sometimes chewing gum, sometimes eating paan and spitting on the streets. This makes the place and the environment dirty. Such inappropriate acts encourage the people. The government should implement strict rules against all these so that such unpleasant acts can be stopped. Whether it is a road, or a public place or a house, people should take special care of cleanliness.


All the people should unite and keep cleanliness in their neighborhood and everywhere. It is the responsibility of man to keep the water sources clean. The government is making all efforts from its side. All the people should cooperate wholeheartedly in the cleanliness campaign. People should be aware of their duties.

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