November 9, 2021

After laughing over the memes, you might have considered incorporating memes into your content marketing strategies. Memes are extremely effective at showcasing visual communication. However, sometimes irrelevant or offending memes fall flat.

When applied correctly, the memes will entertain your target audience and help you develop a better relationship with them. When your brand showcases a sense of humor, people won’t hesitate to share your content.

Before developing memes, make sure you determine the objectives of your content marketing. After that, accumulate the audience data and create memes that complement your marketing strategy. When the memes are combined with the content marketing strategy, you will be able to attract the attention of the audience easily. Not to mention, you can improve the brand reputation.

What are the Good Memes to Marketers?

Memes are capable of providing enormous potential for the brands. Regular marketing efforts cannot bring more than 5% engagement on social media platforms. However, memes can increase the engagement rate up to 60%. This is why reputed brands use meme marketing for their advertising campaigns.

However, some reports stated that memes don’t bring a higher engagement rate. The reports also said that there is a disconnection between successful meme creation and business marketing. Remember that online consumers are fickle and savvy. They will easily determine an overly promotional message. Creating viral-ready memes from Meme Scout will require an understanding of the qualities of the meme as well as your audience.

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The Ingredients of Meme and Your Potential Audience

A meme is a combination of a witty message with any type of image, video, hashtags, and GIFs. However, sharing photos with funny captions isn’t equal to the effectiveness of memes. As memes aren’t a specific type of media, you need to showcase the current situations through memes. Memes are:

  • Highly shareable and people share them on multiple social media platforms.
  • They can be replicated easily by other meme creators.
  • They are relevant as per the sense of humor and requirement of your audience.
  • They showcase current events and popular culture.

Remember that the implementation of memes in your business’s marketing techniques will become successful only when you determine audience insights and timing. As per Startus Magazine, audience insight is important to know their preferences and requirements.

Why Timing is Essential While Marketing with Memes?

More than 5 million images and videos are uploaded on social media platforms every day. The users on Facebook and Instagram go through thousands of images, promotional content, and videos. Meme marketing is similar to traditional digital marketing efforts. Anything you provide to your audience should be delivered at the right time, with the right media, and in the right place.

The timing is the most crucial factor for discerning viewers. Apart from knowing the time when your viewers will come online, you also need to determine their social listening skills. This way you can stay updated with the trends. Incorporating memes into your marketing tactics will help you make your brand much more relevant to the trends. However, make sure you don’t start using the trends too early or too late.

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Longevity is the primary factor for digital marketers. If you use meme marketing for your business, you can easily extend your reach while also sharing your brand message with potential consumers.


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