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June 11, 2021

Having an online presence for your business is a must in the current times. We live in an age where everyone is accessible to each other simply through a click or tap of a button on your computer or mobile screen. And businesses must make the most out of this scenario by reaching out to the people online, advertising to them and offering them your services instead of simply relying on the old methods of physical and outdoor marketing. And to build this online presence, your business needs to build a place for itself on the world wide web, it needs a website.

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A website for your business can tell many stories of it. You not only get to advertise your services and display your products on a digital platform, but it helps you engage with your existing and new customers. With literally every second person having a smartphone with access to the internet across the globe, a website helps your business not to be bogged down by geographical borders and instead reach out to consumers across the seas. Now you might be wondering what kind of website should suit my business. There are majorly three types of websites your business can have:

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Branding Website

A branding website, just like its name, is a website which is built to showcase your business and your brand. Branding websites are usually informative websites where you as a brand can tell the world about the business you do, introduce the team that works within you, talk in detail about the various services you offer and showcase your business and professional achievements and awards.

Web Development and design

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It is important for your business to have an online presence through a basic branding website because it increases your credibility and trust on your professionalism when your probable customers can see your work for themselves.

Ecommerce Website

We are living in an age where anything and everything is available or for sale online. From a simple pencil to the spare parts for a helicopter, there are platforms and businesses selling their wares online and making transactions digitally. If you are a business that has been selling products out of physical stores and also offer delivery of the same to your customers, then it’s high time you mark your presence online with an Ecommerce Website.

Flora Fountain can build online shopping websites that have strong visual designs, are clutter-free with smooth functionality and customized with safe and certified digital payment options. We create Ecommerce websites on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce by WordPress, Magento and Wix. Some of our proud clientele include Ray Ethnic and Tia & Berry.

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Custom Website

A customized website is something where you create a website, to fulfill specific needs and requirements for your business or profession. Custom websites can be a branding website, an ecommerce website, a team and staff management platform, a data collection portal or even a mix of all of them, with every element, every functionality defined and created from scratch, uniquely for you. Having a customized website that caters to every need of the people online who visit your page helps increase your business, engage with consumers in a most robust and efficient manner and it gives your credibility a boost.

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With the best website design and development company of Ahmedabad by your side, you get:

Website Development & Redevelopment

Building a complete, comprehensive website for you or your business from scratch, involving its ideation, design, development and training. We even redevelop pre-designed and live websites to make it more effective and provide more value to you.

Website Redesign

Our team creative website designers can custom design and redesign your entire website to give your business and its digital presence a fresh and attractive look and feel.

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Website Maintenance

Building a website is not enough, maintaining its awesomeness is equally important. And we do that too for you. With a good web design company by your side, you will just have to concentrate on your business, and we will take care of your digital presence by keeping your website updated with the latest tools and plugins.

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Ecommerce Solutions

We are known for our eCommerce website custom designs and development for businesses that wish to take their products to their digital audience. Making online shopping a delightful experience for your customers.

Content Management Systems Development

For websites which upload and publish a large amount of content and data online, like blogs, news websites, e-magazines, etc. we design and develop customised content management systems, or CMS on platforms like WordPress, Shopify and Wix. This helps them with the management of large amounts of data on a daily basis.


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