July 6, 2021

As you know, Dubai is best known for the Tourist attraction. Where along with international visitors locals enjoy and make their vacations memorable. The reason behind is that Dubai offers numerous tours in Dubai in best affordable prices. So everyone can easily afford it. In this blog we wanted to share my experience. When I was in Dubai, i explored the most experiencing tours in the golden city at the cheap prices. However, the tour operators “Happy Desert Safari” selected are amazing. They provided the high-quality services in the cheap price. I explored three tours to Happy Desert Safari. So in this blog, I have shared some tips and tricks, what to wear or bring with you. Especially when you’re a girl where you’re suppose to take care of skin. So without any further ado let’s get into it.

   Most Experiencing and Budget-Friendly Tours in Dubai

1. Desert Safari

For those who don’t know many people visit this golden city to explore the Arabian desert. So when you travel, you will find many tour operators offering you the services of desert safari Dubai. There are three times to explore this tour, you can explore it on morning, evening or overnight. However, in the overnight package you will get the the chance to camp overnight in the Arabian desert.

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So long story short, since i need to maintain my budget and explore best things at the same time. I chose evening desert safari. Because there were no live shows and buffet dinner option in the morning package. Also, i got that evening package in just 35 AED, because i reached desert meeting camp at my own vehicle so i didn’t include pick up and drop off service in my package. However, the great part was my got the free parking slot for my car.

  • Desert Activities:

The tour was started in 3 PM and as you guys know Dubai is the hottest city. I had to take care of my skin so i brought sunscreen of 100 SPF, since i had a direct contact to sun. But you can use screen of 50+ SPF. Try to wear light color clothes that makes you comfortable whole day. The most things is wear the most comfortable shoes because if you don’t you will spoil your trip. Try to wear soft shoes like you easily walk or run on sandy desert.

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So 3 PM to 5 PM, I have experienced numerous desert activities. Such as ATV Quad bike, Dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, Horse riding and Falcon photography. Where i paid the horse ride and falcon holding photography rest of the activities were free for me. Then at 6, the tour operators asked me to get the seats in the desert safari camp. Which gave pure traditional Bedouin feel. When i entered and settled down in the camp, i was served refreshments and snacks. There were varieties in the refreshments tea, coffee and soft drinks. Since the day was so hot. So i picked soft drink. Also i was a tea lover i took tea.

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  • Bedouin Camp Facilities

Then the live shows were started and i started enjoying these shows. The crowd was cheering to the performers. After 15 minutes, there was an announcement that the dinner has been started. I made a mistake since i was starving i had too much snacks. So, I couldn’t eat much in the BBQ buffet dinner. But the buffet was mind blowing, there were varieties of Arabian, Asian and European cuisines.  Also, the live BBQ setup was organized outside the camp, where the meal was super tasty.

There were varieties of desserts and salads as well. Since after the dinner, the operators dropped the people who took pick & drop in the package. But i came by my own so I went Hotel by myself. Only in 35 AED which is approx. 9.53 $, i enjoyed best thrilling rides, unlimited refreshments, live shows and the delicious BBQ buffet dinner. Whenever you travel Dubai and desire to relish the best service at the cheap price must check Happy Adventures Tourism LLC and Happy Desert Safari. Their desert safari services are amazing must approach them when ever you plan to visit UAE. They are awesome 🙂

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2. Dhow Cruise Creek

Day 2 next tour but the tour operator was same. I booked dhow cruise creek package next day on 4 AM of morning. They asked me to arrive at the destination at 8 PM and share the location details. Since i had my own so i didn’t include pick and drop service. The departure time was 8:30 PM, so  they asked me to come at 8. The dress code could anything but dress respectable, so i recommend you to dress casual.

So after reaching at the location, i entered in the boat and that wooden boat was massive. The time duration of that tour was 2-3 hours. I enjoyed the onboard sightseeing of the city till 9 PM while enjoying the cold breeze touching my face. After that the live shows were started where Tanoura and funny puppet and Horse show were included.

Then I got taste refreshing welcome drinks and tea/coffee as the starter. This time i didn’t each too much in the starter, I was waiting for the dinner. Then the dinner was started which was super yummy. I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian I enjoyed the fried fish and chips and chicken Tikka with the white soft drinks. That trip was short with in the 3 hours the boat came back and I drove back hotel by my vehicle.

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3. Hatta Tour

I booked Hatta tour after 7 days because I travelled Dubai for the business trip. So I was busy for 6 days. The seventh day, i called the office of Happy Adventures Tourism’s office and asked if there any amazing tour left. They suggested me to try Hatta UAE tour. Which was almost a half day tour. Since I didn’t know much about this tour and this tour was experienced in Oman.

Among other tours in Dubai, So that i had to included pick and drop service in the package. The place was so beautiful, it was really value your money. However, that tour was costed 95 AED. Where the attractions were Heritage Village, Al Hajar mountains, Hatta Kayaking in the Hatta Dam, Hatta Hill Park, Hand crafted Market and Lunch facility at the JA Fort Hotel


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