Custom iOS App Development
May 17, 2021

It’s been a while since smartphone usage surpassed desktop browsing. Today, more than 65% of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile surfing. With such immense popularity, mobile applications were destined to become a standard practice in our daily lifestyle. With the changes in the accessibility of smartphones, enterprises of every scale now want to deliver the best application solution. 

However, a common question arises when companies decide to go for mobile app development: Which platform to choose? 

We have two major platforms in web development that control 99% of the global application market, iOS, and Android. Since both the platforms comprise of individual benefits, it is difficult to choose the suitable one. If we take a look at the global statistics, the market share of iOS keeps increasing every significant year. This shows that the demand for custom iOS app development keeps rising every year. 

Since iOS app development is catching up with the trend, we decided to throw some of the primary benefits of choosing iOS for your business app. Keep reading ahead to discover what profits can iOS app development bring to the business. 

Return on investment:

When deciding to develop a business application, every enterprise expects a higher and faster return on investment. After all, profit is the ultimate goal of every business project. Apple is the master when it comes to paying back to its customers. 

iOS platform users are always more willing to pay for the application than to look up for open source Android options. Android’s Google play store comprises more free applications; hence its users are less likely to purchase an app. 

Moreover, the average cost of an iOS application is lower than that of an Android’s. Therefore, iOS is a suitable alternative if you are looking for availability and affordability. 

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Efficient Development:

Android platform is available to a wide array of devices. On the other hand, iOS is available only on iPhone and iPad products. This makes the entire development process smoother since the iOS app development company will have to focus on a limited number of devices. 

Only recently, Apple has announced to release Mac products integrated with ARM-based Apple Silicon chips. This will enable iPad and iPhone apps to run natively on Mac. The result is now you can quickly develop iOS applications at a reduced cost. 


Cybercrimes are estimated to cost around $6 trillion this year. With this, customers have started questioning the security protocols followed in app development. Fortunately, Apple has a clean reputation for being at the forefront of security features. Apple devices are commonly trusted as the safest devices in the market. 

This means if you choose iOS, your users are less likely to get concerned about security factors. A strong anti-malware and anti-virus shield protects all the applications in the iOS app store. Not only this, your app’s safety is an essential element for your brand reputation. aSo ensure that you do not compromise with security. 

Usability and Experience:

The iOS interface demands a higher quality of service, exhibiting a fair regulation of the application environment. This is vital because you’d now have the upper hand in providing usability solutions. To many consumers, their experience with your application decides the brand image; hence, introducing a good performing app is super crucial. 

Apple also emphasizes on the fact that all its applications should remain easy to use, modify and maintain. 

Innovation at its best:

If you look at the big brands, they always try to bring innovative ideas to the iOS platform. Only recently, Adobe introduced their brand new “Photoshop Camera App” for iPhone users. 

Adding to this, Inc. also released an AI-based employee training application by the name “Trailhead Go.” This app is exclusively available to iPhone and iPad users. 

Therefore, iOS devices prove to be more compatible with such different and innovative ideas. It is only suitable to make your business future ready with the iOS platform. 

Speeds up the marketing time:

We all are familiar with today’s era of startups. Take any successful application such as Uber, Netflix, Angry Birds, and more; all of them launched their first mobile application on the iOS platform. 

That’s because iOS gives you the benefit of launching apps faster. The development process also relies on your development team, who can build faster MVPs for your business app. 


Increasing competition has made it challenging for every business to sustain for a long time. Hence, if you have not decided to develop your business application with iOS, it’s high time that you do. One of the essential aspects is to choose your iOS app development company wisely. Make sure that they value your idea and bring you the best outcomes possible. 

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