evening desert safari
July 3, 2021

Holidaying in Dubai is a great idea to take a major break from hustling life and having a fresh start. As the city is brimming with exclusive opportunities which most people label as a “once in a lifetime chance”.

Explore the city for adventures, its customs, luxuries, its skyscrapers, and natural belonging. One place where thrill, entertainment, and beauty lie in their quintessential form is evening desert safari Dubai. Dubai and its majestic ranch are not unknown to the world. Many tourists stop by and spend the best time of their life at this exotic place.

To get into nature’s arms, we also packed for visiting this spectacular place. We booked an evening itinerary through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They provided a brief outline of the perks a visitor gets to encounter in an evening tour. As we had to make the most out of making up for the desert of Dubai, we booked for an evening expedition through an incredible resource. Let’s take a review on what sort of treasures we explored at the Arabian dunes. So without any further ado let’s explore the amazing highlights of this tour in the evening.

Privileges of an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Reaching the Dunes


The standard way of starting a desert safari is by picking up the visitors from their doorstep. We were picked up by a professional driver sent by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. A land cruiser arrived at our hotel in Dubai and within half an hour of driving, we were in the vicinity of the dunes.

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If the pick-up method doesn’t go with your plans, no worries! Take a bus service or rent a car by yourself. Bus service is usually grabbed by people who are residents in Dubai. But this is not necessary. If you want to enjoy the journey by seeing views through the bus, go for it! You will also be provided 4X4 vehicle service from the hotel or doorstep as per your desire. Those who travel by their vehicle can reach the direct desert meeting point where they will be provided a free parking slot.

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2.           Bewitching Displays of Nature


Lock your sight with the reddening reflections of the sun rays falling on the sand heaps. People who love to witness and capture the scenic views of nature at the evening desert safari in Dubai, find heaven in this place. The sand ripples and their gradient orange reflection offer a perfect reflection for your picture-perfect poses. We had the sunset photography session during the setting sun shoe.

Photographers from team Happy Adventures Tourism took group photos, pictures with SUVs, camels, and props of nature. Experiencing desert sunset and its outlandish bounties are exclusively offered at dusk.

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3.           Go Crazy in SUV of Your Choice


The sports arena of the dunes is renowned worldwide. Whether you are fond of the maneuvers of SUVs or love to surf the surfaces like a pro, Arabian sand has a whole array for you. I was quite excited about dune bashing. That’s why I had booked a deal with Happy Adventures Tourism in which they offer fifteen minutes of 4×4 ride. So the real thrill began when we all were seated belted in a Nissan Patrol and experienced a roller coaster ride. The bouncy trail of the sand heaps was hard but fun to cross.

The exhilarating activities continue with quad biking, fat bicycling, and sand boarding. If you have picked an itinerary with a dune bashing session, then you have to pay over for another SUV ride. I am an adrenaline junkie so I grabbed a quad bike and covered the high heaps screaming like a fanatic! The cars used for dune drive are roll-caged, insured and perfectly loaded with all safety equipment to ensure the safety and security of the riders. Besides, that vehicle is driven by licensed professional driver. Moreover, the time duration would 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

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4.           Speculative Camel Safari

Discover the unseen from over the camel’s hump! Wandering with the camels is an aesthetic journey that takes you across the heights of golden dunes. Have a historical insight of old traveling methods of Arabs through camel safari. You also get a chance to spot rare wildlife in the marshy biosphere. We spotted gazelles, oryxes, and reptiles who were worth locking in the camera. Besides, camel safari you can experience sandboarding, ATV Quad bike and dune buggy as per your package.

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5.           Look Up into  the Arabian Heritage

The campsites of the desert portray Arabian customs in vibrant colors. The henna art station attracts women and kids who apply famous Arabian henna on their hands and feet. The traditional Arabian outfits, Kandoura are donned by men along with the famous headscarves. Wearing the Arabian dress and snapping yourself in it, is a unique way to celebrate an exotic journey.

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6.           Live Entertainment Gala

The entertainment gala among the cheerful audience is worth attending in an evening desert safari. The overwhelming dance performances elevate your good vibes to a huge extent. There is a Tanoura dance depiction in which the dervishes perform a spin dance in colorful cloaks. The fire show is also depicted by stuntmen with their famous fire ring dance. That amazing performance was performed by international artists, where almost all people were enjoying the entertainment provided by these artists.

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Also, there are professional belly dancers who put the stag on fire with their stunning moves. These dance forms are performed on various forms of Arabian music which happens to be a mood lightener for the audience.

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7.           Tastes of the Arabian Savory

After getting free from the enthralling sports, we were escorted to the buffet station by Happy Adventures Tourism hosts. The flavorful temptations of Arabian and international food are presented in a variety. These include veg and non-veg food items like charcoal roasted meat, lamb kebabs, veggies, and fruit salads, and lentils soup as well. There is a wonderful portrayal of Tanoura dance. In this, the dervishes perform turning moves to show how they practice profound illumination. Then, at that point there is a fire dance portrayed by the fearless stand-ins. Midsection artists show their striking moves in beautiful outfits to interest the crowd. Every one of these shocking dance exhibitions can be seen solely just in an evening

Along with this, we had free and unlimited access to chilled soft drinks, side snacks, and tea. Arabian coffee was served along with dates. The buffet station in the barren portrays lovely colors of Arabian hospitality.

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From kids, teens, adults to old age men and women; all sorts of visitors come to explore the proximity of this golden landscape. The evening itinerary is best for people who want to take the fullest advantage of being in Dubai, especially its conservation reserve. However, this tour is also recommended for the backpackers. To have an incredible voyaging experience, book your itinerary through trusted firms like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They not only provide quality services but also endeavor to be a great company.

So this was all about our amazing journey to the golden dunes of Dubai. You can have a crazy venture like this too if you take wise steps by going for the right itinerary through the right people.


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