August 9, 2021

India beckons travellers with incredible experiences, and for the couples there is a lot on offer. Honeymoon in India is a special time, one full of moments to cherish a lifetime. From the view of icon of love-Taj to houseboat tours on backwaters, stay at beach resorts to luxury train tours, India presents some loving romantic experiences. Stay at royal suites, special dinner dates, pampering spa and other indulgences are delights that are not to be missed. Honeymoon packages in India cater to the preferences of couples, so that they have the best times of their lives.

When planning a holiday of unforgettable memories, here are some of the best experiences of honeymoon in India.

Taj Mahal in its eternal beauty

The icon of love, Taj Mahal is a must visit for couples. The white-marble beauty is a UNESCO World heritage Site and one of the wonders of the world. Built in memory of his beloved, by the Mughal Emperor, the marvel is a site that makes honeymoon in India special. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset tour, or a moonlit visit. You can also chose to stay in a hotel in Agra with the mesmerizing view.

Houseboat Cruise on Kerala Backwaters

The backwaters in Kerala are one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Board any of the houseboat and cruise the serene backwaters. Escape the normal and get to the blessed lap of nature. Houseboat backwater tours are a delight to explore with honeymoon packages in India.

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Couple Ayurveda Massage

Relaxing make your romantic vacations very special. For this, a couple Ayurveda massage in any of the Ayurveda retreats in India or 5-star hotels is just perfect. You could choose a refreshing break at any of the wellness resorts with your better half.

Shikara ride on Lake Pichola

Udaipur is simple dreamy and the Lake Pichola is the star attraction. For couples on a romantic holiday in India, Udaipur is a must-visit. The royal city of Rajasthan is nestled in the lap of the Aravalli hills, dotted with lakes, lush gardens and spectacular palaces. The lakes in the otherwise desert landscape is magical and the reason why couple have such a wonderful time on a honeymoon in Udaipur.

Royal stay at Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan

Romantic to the very essence of a holiday, stay at the heritage hotels of Rajasthan is one of the best romantic experiences in India. These royal properties, erstwhile homes of the royal families and dignitaries have maintain their legacy while adding to it 5-star amenities. Feel like King and Queen of your domain on a honeymoon in India.

Luxury Train Tour

Luxury trains tours in India are one of the most cherished experiences of India. And, make your honeymoon special with train tours. India boast of some of the world’s best luxury trains in India, which are Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, and Golden Chariot.

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These trains are 5-star luxuries on wheels offering pan-India journeys on coveted routes of the country. The experience is very special as you do not have the hassle of exploring India. You just have to board the trains and check in to your suite. The trains takes you on a journey while your vacations are made special with dining, spa, personal attendant and all amenities. It is an opportunity to enjoy a memorable honeymoon tour in India.

Relaxing at Beach Resort

India is diverse and its fascinating geography has a long stretch of coastline and some lavish resorts. For your romantic vacation in India, a stay at any of the relaxing beach resorts is a treat. Laze around basking in the sun, enjoy the sea waves, try out watersports, and grab some appetizing drinks and snacks. Goa is a popular choice as it Kerala.

Lost in the Misty Hill Stations

The scenic hill stations in India deserve a special mention when it comes to planning a tour in India. Nestled in the lap of the snow-covered Himalayas or lush Western Ghats, there are a number of hill towns that are perfect for love-birds. Pleasant weather, aplenty of scenic sights, thrilling activities are enough reasons to visit. Another highlight is riding the toy train to Shimla, Darjeeling or the Nilgiris. Stay amid lush tea estates or fruit orchards and awaken to the sight of the misty mountains.

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Wildlife safaris & stay in luxury resorts

Honeymoon is all about spending time with each other. Wildlife tours in India is a romantic chance to enjoy a relaxed holiday with your loved one amid nature. India has a wide range of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which are home to lavish wildlife resorts, abundant wildlife and thrilling experiences.

If you and your better half are nature lovers then it is a wonderful time and even if you are not,  you will surely become one.


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