July 3, 2021

Fabric banners are one of the classiest ways to market your business and events provided if you are planning to place your banners indoors. The color combination of other vinyl banners is not as vivid as compared to fabric banners, you will get 3 to 5 years of guarantee if you print your fabric banners from a reputed company, and lastly, fabric banners are customizable so that you can get banners of any sizes you think is suitable for your business.

Planning a vinyl standard is simple; notwithstanding, planning a successful vinyl pennant might be not entirely obvious. Commonly, your vinyl flag organization offers to give configuration administrations, or they may permit you to present your own craftsmanship. In this article, we should talk about how precisely to appropriately format an outwardly engaging vinyl standard as well as to plan a pennant successfully that will achieve your objective!

Numerous individuals really appreciate planning or spreading out their standards. It very well may be a fun and inventive cycle. Notwithstanding, in planning your standard, ensure you remember the general objective of your flag. On the off chance that your pennant is being utilized as enrichment at a birthday celebration, then, at that point your objective might be to make the flag to look imaginatively extraordinary and intended to feature or advance the individual being praised. Textual styles, pictures, shadows, impacts, and tones that pop might be your first thought.

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In this article, we will discuss the steps that you must follow to design fabric banners.

Choose Your Banner Material Carefully Before Designing

There are various materials available that you can use for your banner design such as satin, polyester, or tri-poplin. Besides types, materials for making fabric banner is also available in various weights, the range of heavier clothes is generally better than those of the lightweight clothes as lightweight clothes tend to wear out faster except the polyester duck fabric.

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Use highly contrasting colors

We suggest as our top decisions: red on white and dark on yellow. Darkon white additionally functions admirably. In any case, avoid the hard to peruse blends like red on dark, purple on dark, or any firmly related shadings. Lighter tones, for example, pink and yellow will disappear on a white foundation. As a general guideline, on the off chance that you print your standard evidence on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, and can’t peruse it effectively from @ 5-10 feet away, than you’ll without a doubt experience difficulty with your pennant.

Make sure that the color combination you are choosing is not overloading your message. Be careful while choosing colors for your text, as already said your text should be readable so proper coloring is very important to ensure that your text is completely readable by your customers.

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Keep Your Fabric Banner Simple

Banners indeed help you to convey your message to your potential customers but it is also true that a lengthy message will make it confusing for your potential customers to understand the point you are trying to reach. So keep your message precise as limiting the number of words will make your message more appealing to your customers.

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Font Plays an Important Role in Making our Banner Effective

Besides keeping your message simple and precise you also have to pay attention to the font that you are choosing. You have to make sure that your chosen font is plain and readable. You may get tempted by the various fonts that you come across as they will seem very fancier to you, but if your customers can not read your message then there is no use of fancier fonts. So to influence your customers you must choose a proper font that is plain, and readable. And also the size of the font you are selecting should be large enough so that they can be properly read from a distance.

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Establish Your Brand Identity

Your brand logo will help your customers to identify your brand. According to Entrepreneur, a brand identity is very important for a business, it consists of the values that a business follows and the way the business communicates those values. A well-established brand identity helps in creating trust among the customers. So, if you are having a brand identity or a brand logo, then do not forget to include that in your banner design.

Remember that regularly your flag will be shortened roughly 1 inch around the border for the seaming and grommets, so ensure you plan your pennant with something like a 1-inch drain. The following are a few formats (pdf documents) for you to use in planning your flag which generally pennant or printing organizations ought to acknowledge for your plan.


These are the 5 steps that you must follow while designing your fabric banner. Besides all the above steps you will also need proper accessories for displaying your banner, so make sure that the printing company is providing you all those.


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