August 16, 2021

CISCO, a global leader in IT and networking, says it “works by translating how people connect, communicate and collaborate”. The company offers a range of products and networking solutions that companies can easily adopt. According to Wikipedia.

The CCNA focuses on security, cloud, wireless networking, collaboration, management and change, business, data centers, design and more.

 The various technical solutions that a company always prepares or employs require CCNA work professionals for best practice. As such, he offers training and has shared his knowledge of IT at the entry level, co-worker, expert, expert and architect.

 Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA Certification is offered by the CISCO Group at the affiliate level. The essence of any course is to become a professional and work for an organization that will allow you to achieve your goals.

 Work reports followed after CCNA courses are discussed below

 1- Technical Support Engineers

With the current technological advancement, consumers and customers of any organization need constant support and advice. This is one of the CCNA’s tasks that will require you to help solve problems and provide support. Change and support issues through the computer or the customer service network can be resolved by phone or remote access. Technical support engineers provide IT technology support, maintaining frequent customer system operations. Depending on the salary scale –

The minimum wage you can expect for technical support engineers would be Rs. 1.00.000.

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2- System engineers (most recent)

Each job has a place to start, and this can be considered the beginning of CCNA’s engineers. Although no direct access and transfer access is provided, this function will ask you to provide support in the form of a WAN and LAN connection and provide basic technical support for your organization for security to include firewalls and routers. Document monitoring and timely response to tickets, alerts and warnings are just a few of the features. According to the Payments Department – The minimum wage you can expect from a new system engineer can be Rs. 1.03,000.

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3- systems engineer

Every organization in the world today requires the management of various systems, infrastructure and devices. CCNA-certified network engineers have a deep knowledge of established infrastructure. You will need to maintain backup and security systems and offer second- and third-level support within the organization. According to the pay scale – the minimum salary you can expect for a systems engineer is about Rs. 1.47.000.

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4- Network Administrator

Not to be confused with system administration, some smaller organizations are also expected to take on the responsibilities of both system administration and network administration. To be clear, you will expect the network support engineer to manage all hardware and software and ensure the smooth operation of the company’s network infrastructure. This is one of the most popular jobs. According to the pay scale – the lowest salary you can expect from a network administrator is about Rs. 1.62.000.

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5- Head of Information Technology (IT)

The IT manager is expected to plan and direct all activities of the organization’s information technology department. Your role as a manager will not only require skills in data processing, operations, and systems, but will also test your ability to manage systems and handle a visualized server environment. According to the pay scale – The lowest salary you can expect from an IT manager is about Rs. 329,000.

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6- Chief Network Engineer

Each organization ‘s IT support team relies on their senior network engineer to operate their IT infrastructure. The role will require you to design, implement, deploy, maintain and support the infrastructure within an established configuration. You must also operate within the guidelines and practices of change management policies. With Pay Scale – The minimum wage you can expect is around Rs. 362,000.


7- Network Security Specialist

The main task of a network security expert is very obvious, which is to protect the IT infrastructure from malicious intent. You will be expected to find, stop, and resolve any issues related to the security of your organization’s IT network. In addition to the skills that can be acquired at a high level of ingenuity to detect disadvantages and how quickly they need to be resolved as part of a successful completion of work. According to the Pay Scale – The minimum salary you can expect for a network security expert is about Rs. 367,000.

 Here are some of the jobs you will get after completing the CISCO Certification for CCNA. Titles can range from route and conversion engineers, video and voice engineers to assistant technicians and data assistants. Networks in an enterprise environment are very large, and can rely on LAN and WAN, which require multi-level skill sets as well as highly specialized ones. With CCNA you can work with Cloud, Cyber ​​Ops, Collaboration, Data Center, etc. These skill sets are essential, even if you have a high ability to meet the various demands of this job.

 But, like all other careers, there are prerequisites, and you may want to start at a newer level. As you learn and grow, you will find better paid jobs, but remember, you will need to re-validate your CCNA to the requirements of the course and field of work. As mentioned above, CCNA qualifications range from Entry Certificates, followed by Associated Qualifications, Professional Qualifications to specialist level Qualifications.


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