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June 3, 2021

Backyards are typically not given as much attention as the entrance or the interior of the house. While the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen are the most used rooms in the house undoubtedly, but the importance of a beautiful backyard cannot be overlooked.
You might initially think that you will spend more time inside the house, it might not be so. The backyard eventually becomes the place where you spend your leisure time. You make memories in the backyard with your family. The barbeques and summer parties all happen in the backyard, and memories are born!

How important is a decorative stepping stone design?

Having pavement in the backyard is inevitable as it saves the children from slipping and gives a gorgeous finishing to the yard. Interior design Dubai companies believe that adding decorative stepping stones to the backyard enhances the overall look of your house and leaves a pleasant impact on the guests.

Appealing Stepping Stone Designs for Gardens, Backyards, and Patios!
Decorative Stepping Stone Designs

Here are a few decorative stepping stone design ideas for gardens, backyards, and patios for you to try.


The simplest yet absolutely elegant stepping stone or pavement material is red bricks. They have been used as stepping stones for centuries now, and we believe they will continue to be used for several more centuries. They are sturdy and offer a beautiful look to the pathway of your house. You can design them in different patterns like running bond, basket-weave, and stacked bond patterns.

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Bluestone is another traditional stepping stone material, yet many variations have emerged in the past. What if we tell you that some kinds of bluestone are not even blue now. They look beautiful arranged in different patterns leading to your entrance.


If you are looking for a material that offers a better non-slip characteristic than others, limestone is your go-to choice. You can get limestone cut in the shape of your choice, either in palettes or squares to match your area. The best thing about limestone is that it matches all kinds of exterior regardless.

Natural Stone Steps

While the continuous pathways look stunning, you might want to try something different, like natural stone steps. Talking of steps, they are placed at a distance enough not to go off-track while walking and not feeling like a continuous pathway. Place the natural stone steps symmetrically or asymmetrically as per your choice for a pretty backyard.

Appealing Stepping Stone

Bark Mulch

We understand that not many people opt for mulch bark in the walkway, but it’s an easy money-saving technique that you can use. If you don’t want to keep the bark mulch permanently, use it as a temporary D.I.Y solution to your backyard walkway.

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Rocky Pathway

Having a rocky pathway is another less-costly idea as compared to natural stone or bluestone and a few other options. You can simply place the rocks along the walkway and scatter them to give an organized yet informal look. Rocks look pretty without costing an arm and a leg.

Stone Steps

Stone steps are a more common choice of pathway stepping stones for gardens, backyard, and patios. Experts at Exotic Interior Studio recommend choosing stone steps if your patio has an inclined surface and needs something robust and non-slip. They fix nicely to sloppy surfaces without looking out-of-place.

Recycled Palette Wood

Wood never goes out of fashion and Interior design Dubai Companies think of wood as an evergreen element in interior design. They say, “You can never go wrong with wood.” And they seem right. A wooden palette along the way to the entrance bordered by rocks on each side makes an excellent combination for backyard pavement.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is the ultimate way to the modern patio look you are looking for. Concrete comes in various designs and stamps to ornament the exterior of your house by providing a contemporary look. Add small lamps along the stamped concrete pavement for added beauty.

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Grassy Stone Pathway

Stone and grass make a timeless combination with numerous patterns to choose from. You can either lay the stones in steps and plant the grass between the blocks or set stone and grass in alternative squares. Try for yourself to see how many possibilities you got!


Backyards and gardens call for pretty stepping stones to enhance the look and are safe to walk on. Interior design Dubai Companies such as Exotic Interior studio suggest that uneven surfaces look bad and can also be a hazard for the children while playing. Choose your favorite pathway depending on your need and choice, and see the difference it makes in how your backyard looks. Happy renovating!


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