August 16, 2021

When it comes to funnel marketing, the reference is to that digital process that allows you to lead the public through a specific path aimed at conversion. Step by step, this process is becoming more and more complex and refined: in practice, it allows you to transform an anonymous user into a loyal customer who is attentive to the brand.

After completing the purchase, the person will interpret the path taken as virtuous and performing. At that point it will be necessary to take care of his contact , continuing to send him something useful and interesting (promotions, personalized discounts, info with a newsletter and so on).

The marketing funnel works like a funnel, hence the use of the relative English term. The upper part is decidedly wide, while as you go down the access becomes narrower and the amount of passing liquid is reduced.

It is the same process that characterizes the digital strategy we have just mentioned. From a large anonymous audience, slowly users – not all of them of course – are skimmed and conveyed along the path at the end of which they become customers.

The steps of the funnel path are called Tofu, Mofu and Bofu

It is possible to divide the ‘journey’ of users along the funnel path into three essential steps, which we will now examine. It is about:

  1. Tofu, or top of the funnel;
  2. Mofu, i.e. middle of the funnel;
  3. Bofu, acronym for bottom of the funnel.
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What happens at the top of the marketing funnel?

In the first phase, the one called ‘top of the funnel’, the main objective is to intercept the attention of users of the Internet (always distracted and ready to fly away click by click). It is necessary to convey information and contents suitable to tell the core business and the essential characteristics of the company. It is from here that the branding process is undertaken, which aims to increase authority.


The tofu phase is perfect for taking advantage of tools such as social platforms, real digital and hyper immediate showcases, and SEO to improve your positioning. Even the creation of a blog, by preparing an ad hoc editorial plan, can be useful for this purpose. Attention to the study and use of keywords: they can have a decisive impact in relation to the SERP of search engines.

At the center of the route there is a sea of ​​useful information and content

As for the second step of the marketing funnel, the one called ‘middle of the funnel’, it is here that users are informed ad hoc about products and services, so that they can turn into customers. Once the anonymous user has landed on the page, he will want to know if the goods sold are convenient or not (and what their characteristics are).


The purchase is still far away, it is an important but exploratory phase: it is necessary to give all the necessary information to answer any doubts or curiosities (webinars, e-books and videos can be quick tools to interpret this need in a performing way).

The final part of the marketing funnel is where the conversion takes place

Finally we arrive at the ‘bottom of the funnel’: the grand finale, the long-awaited moment in which the conversion can be carried out (i.e. a certain action that we want to be done). It is the key step, after which the user becomes a customer. Here we offer useful information on purchasing, delivery and transport, etc.

The loyalty process is just as important: once the purchase is made, the customer must not be left alone. On the contrary, it is necessary to pamper him and continue to offer him material, info and calibrated discounts or promotions.

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