August 16, 2021

Being able to communicate corporate values ​​and ideas is increasingly important in the modern world, which is often distracted and hyper-fast. This is why we need to design a double digital structure capable of supporting words and actions. We are talking about storytelling and storytelling campaigns, concepts so similar and so different from each other: let’s analyze them.

They bind hand in hand, one does not exclude the other and together they make the brand strong and appreciated. If we have often talked about storytelling, meaning the captivating narration of stories to bring the target audience closer, the goal of storytelling is to move from words to facts by creating experiences in which it is possible for people to take part in order to share them. We therefore descend on the real level, translating here the values that outline the action of the brand.

In any case, it must be said that storytelling and storytelling are not inseparable (some companies can do good deeds but decide not to tell them).

A team game with the aim of creating valuable relationships

It is generally thought that there must be some sort of hierarchy between storytelling and storytelling, a winner between the two, but that’s not the case. The two areas work as a team with the common goal of creating a valuable relationship with the target audience. On the one hand it is told, while on the other the substance is created to be molded to be the object of the story. There are some elements related to storytelling that stand out in importance, first of all the people. They play an important role in terms of communication, starting with the figure of the CEO who represents the public face of the company (he aims to embody the values ​​of the company and promotes it).

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Storytelling is not limited to the implementation of behaviors in line with certain values ​​(such as cleaning green areas in the name of environmental protection): it is necessary to act in a concrete way, shaping and calibrating the company’s offer for a specific market. For example, the Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted many virtuous storytelling attitudes, such as those of companies that have converted their production or adapted certain products to market demands to facilitate overcoming the emergency.

The signs of storytelling and how to recognize them

Generally you can understand when a company carries out a storytelling activity in the presence of some indicators. If that reality has a history, devoted to the objective of making the planet more beautiful and livable, and from that history real and tangible gestures relating primarily to the organization itself develop, then it is likely that customers will want to take part in that same. Mission.

In short, a virtuous circuit is created made up of good intentions and tangible good actions. Its history is put to good use, especially if it is green and sustainable, to create an authentic bond of trust with people: this translates into an important competitive advantage. In fact, people will be led to choose products and services both on the basis of the way in which they are told (storytelling) but also on the level of identification achieved with the brand itself. In summary:

  1. A company that does not do storytelling or storytelling is static and not proactive.
  2. A company that does both activities is on a winning path.
  3. Those who only do storytelling rely on an incomplete type of communication.
  4. Those who only do storytelling do not make the most of their actions by limiting business development.
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