April 13, 2023

For all players who are just arriving in World of Warcraft, having responded to the Dragonflight update, it is important not only to follow the spirit of adventurism and develop an interesting hero in the way they see fit, but also to rely on the already existing experience of other players who have already passed this path, burned themselves in pumping and equipment, learning skills and combat techniques.


But if you are a supporter of action and self-study and have reached a dead end on your character, do not rush to leave the project.


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General information about the Warlock class in the Witchcraft specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


The Warlock is a class that doesn’t care how many targets it faces.


The class is strong with debuffs that deal damage over time and are buffed by the number of targets that are affected by debuffs at the same time.

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Moreover, unlike other specializations, Warlock Sorcery makes no difference to the location of the target – it attacks and spreads negative effects on everyone it can reach with magic and increases the power of spells depending on the number of targets hit.


Each representative of the Warlock class can use the Demon Gate skill – this is a skill that allows you to create two points on game locations and gives the character and all members of the group the ability to quickly move between two portals.


Now in the Dragonflight update, all members of the Warlock class in any specialization can learn and use any talents at their discretion, even if they completely contradict each other, opening up the opportunity to build new builds and experiment on the character.


Examples of Controversial Talents and New Ways to Use Them


Face of Decay and Fury of Darkness – the first skill imposes fear on the enemy and makes him run for 3 seconds, canceling all spells and skills applied, while restoring 20% of your health. Whereas the second skill imposes a massive stun on targets around, blocking their movement.


The first option for using skills is to inflict fear and, after three seconds, supplement it with a stun, thus allowing the imposed negative effects to last for 5 seconds.

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The second option is to apply a stun, then negative effects, then fear and replenishment of lost health.


Swift Run and Dark Pact – The first skill greatly increases the overall mobility of the Warlock class, allowing you to move much faster than your maximum speed, and even if you have all the debuffs that slow your running speed, you will not slow down more than before using this skill. Roughly speaking, you always run faster than the maximum, or at the maximum of your capabilities. A nice bonus will be increased damage depending on available health.


The second skill allows you to sacrifice part of your health in order to significantly increase your defense and cover yourself with a shield that works by sacrificing your own HP.


Skills can be combined through the use of running and dealing damage, and when a sharp drop in health, apply a shield.


Or in the reverse order – buy time at the expense of the shield and impose a lot of negative effects and use maneuverability when the shield ends and run until the target dies from negative effects.


Soul Affinity is a skill that allows you to transfer part of the received damage to your summoned pet in order to reduce incoming damage at the expense of the summoned pet.

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New talents allow you to choose one class focus and type of attacks.


You can focus on increased damage on a single target, but abandon the concept of massive spells, or vice versa – focus on AoE skills and lose additional damage in single attacks, but keep a good mixed potential.



The main strengths and weaknesses of the Affliction Warlock class


  • A wide range of active skills that allow you to deal damage to any type – direct, long-term and debilitating.
  • You can deal damage to targets regardless of their distance.
  • High movement speed.
  • Strong concentrated damage due to negative effects on one, priority target.


Weaknesses of the Affliction Warlock class


  • Weak damage on one target, which is not a priority – you need to invest your entire arsenal in each target to achieve noticeable damage.
  • Full damage requires a combination of pet actions and all spells with a periodic effect.
  • Only after accumulating a certain value of all negative effects, you can issue explosive damage.


Stat Priority for the Affliction Warlock class


  • Intelligence
  • Artifice
  • Speed



Intelligence is the base attribute for all magic classes, and the warlock is no exception.


Each character has its own base intelligence, which increases depending on the level, according to the formula and due to equipment of good quality, which gives an increase to one or all attributes at once.

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A developed intelligence parameter will increase the total mana pool, damage from normal attacks, and the effectiveness of the operation of all magic-type skills. Affects the chance and strength of magical critical strikes and procs.




An important parameter that allows you to enhance the effect of all spells and significantly increase the chance of them working on the enemy. Since the basis of the skills of the warlock is magical negative effects, it is the mastery that will help to achieve an increase in the frequency of the effects. Especially noticeable on targets with good jewelry, or bosses with a high indicator of resistance to negative effects.




Despite the presence of talents that remove the restriction on running speed, the Warlock still remains a class that heavily depends on its maneuverability and the speed of applying magical negative effects.


Due to the speed, you can quickly impose debuffs on targets and stay at a distance from them, until they completely die.



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