How to Fix Multi-User QuickBooks Error H101?
July 23, 2021

How to Fix Multi-User QuickBooks Error H101?


Technology and mistakes come together thus when you are using QuickBooks, you may end up with many problems. Sometimes, while trying to access a corporate file situated on another system rather than your operating device, you may be caught in QuickBooks Error H101. 

You can convert from Single User Mode to Multi-user Mode in QB for another purpose. Well, using proper troubleshooting approaches, you can remedy this mistake.


QuickBooks Error H101- Reason of occurrence

Below you see all the reasons why QuickBooks Error H101 gets triggered. Let’s have a look, let’s have a look:


  • The configuration for.ND files are wrong and hence the company file cannot be opened in a given network.
  • You cannot connect your machine to the server.
  • The configuration of the file is faulty or wrong.
  • The firm file cannot be accessed from the server.
  • The QB Error H101 is released if corporate files are restricted by antivirus or firewall settings.
  • QuickBooks is unable to trace your computer’s IP address.
  • Settings on DNS and the host are wrong.
  • You haven’t started services like QBCFMonitor for QuickBooks.


Points to keep in mind while solving QuickBooks Error H101

Before you start repairing QuickBooks Error H101 you must remember the items below.


  • Make sure you have QuickBooks installed on your computer server.
  • It is likely that you have it with or without a license installed. 
  • Therefore, you will not access the multi-user environment if you have not installed the Quickbooks on a server.
  • If necessary, QuickBooks software may be downloaded from the Intuit official website.


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How to Fix Multi-User QuickBooks Error H101?

Now you know why QuickBooks Desktop Error H101 is involved. The resolution techniques can start to be implemented as described below.

Method 1: Check your server for hosting and QuickBooks services


  • You must first switch on multi-user hosting when you utilize the full edition of QuickBooks on your server PC.
  • You must first launch the accounting programme for QuickBooks in your machine.
  • Then, from the File menu, choose the Utility option.
  • Select the “Multi-User Access Hosting” option thereafter.
  • You don’t need to choose it if you stop hosting multi-user access.


Then ensure that your computer server also has QuickBooks services.


Follow QuickBooks DBXX the instructions below. Repeat it for QBCF Monitoring Service thereafter.


  • Press Windows + R keys. The Run box will be opened.
  • Enter the ‘Service. MSC’ button and click Enter.
  • If the service is not accessible with QuickBooks DBXX:
  • Confirm, by using Database Server Manager, that QBDSM is installed on the server.
  • Open QuickBooks and check that hosting is enabled to execute the complete application on the server.

Method 3: Create a new QB Company Files Folder

  • You may build a new folder to share it with your hosting computers, for the enterprise files.
  • You will then need to set windows to receive the business files sharing item.
  • Furthermore, copy in a new folder all the files with the .Qbw file extension.
  • It helps you to determine whether or not your business files open in multi-user mode.


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Method 4: Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager

 Now that you’ve downloaded and installed QuickBooks Tool Hub, you may run QuickBooks Database Server Manager.


  • Double-click on a desktop icon to access QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Click the Network Issues tab then.
  • Select the Server Manager of the QuickBooks Database.
  • Click Start Scan to see the right place for the company file.
  • If not, pick the firm file in the browser and click Start Scan.
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager will now fix your firewall and allow you to access any workstation.
  • Click Close after the correction is completed.
  • Go forward, launch the desktop QuickBooks,


Method 5:Firewall Settings

  • To open the run command, press Windows + R at the same time.
  • In the search bar, type Control and click OK.
  • Select the Windows Defender Firewall and navigate to system and security.
  • Click Allow firewall via Windows Defender.
  • Shape the list, then click QuickBooks, and OK.



The post gives you an efficient way to solve the QuickBooks Error H101 without any trouble. If the problem remains, you may contact our professionals by calling on our Toll-Free number (844)-405-0904 even when you have completed all the above remedies. Our specialists will assist you with the most practical solutions 24 hours a day.


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