August 16, 2021

When it comes to setting up the perfect digital marketing strategy, you need to keep a local mind on the importance of knowing, analyzing and monitoring the different traffic sources of a particular site. This path allows you to discover how users ‘land’ on a portal and, therefore, what are the strengths of the latter.

In fact, it is clear that, depending on the site and its mission, there are different sources of traffic, but above all the tools with which one can act on them, increasing them. The most interesting channels must be identified, always focusing on the publication of useful and valuable content that can meet the expectations of the user public. The goal of digital marketing strategies is to increase the visibility of a specific project. It is necessary to structure a path to ensure that daily visits are always increasing- regardless of whether you are talking about a blog, an ecommerce or a company site and so on – In addition, that same traffic must also be analyzed and monitored. The statistics can be easily followed for example by using Google Analytics and SEMrush : a crucial step to recognize potential and critical issues.

Sources of online traffic, broken down by categories

The online traffic can be divided into categories according to its origin, from time to time. So we will have first of all organic traffic, the one that comes directly from Google and other search engines. The reference is to those visits that the portal obtains in relation to the good positioning with a keyword, which will be worth the fact of appearing on the first page of results (SERP). But how do you increase organic traffic? The ideal is to contact a team of specialists, in general, however, it is essential to create and disseminate interesting content written following the rules of SEO copywriting.

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The traffic that comes from backlinks and mentions to your content is instead called ‘referral’. Visibility of the portal and positioning of the pages can improve a lot thanks to the structuring of a backlink network.

Without forgetting, especially in these times, the traffic that comes directly from social networks. Among these, the reference is primarily to Facebook and Instagram but also Twitter and LinkedIn. In these particular contexts, structuring in a performing communication strategy is the ABC of success.

It is also from advertisements that an important part of a site’s traffic comes. We talk about paid traffic: thanks to ad hoc banners and advertisements, users are guided to certain pages considered strategic. Thanks to this type of traffic it becomes possible to understand which keywords are preferred by the target audience.

Finally, we also mention the so-called direct traffic, which is generated by people who type the exact address of a site in the search bar.

Strategies for increasing traffic to a site

We mentioned the importance of the analysis and constant monitoring of traffic sources to a portal, regardless of the types of the latter. However, the strategies to increase them are different. In case it is an e-commerce portal, there are some super brands that can hardly be beaten in terms of better positioning (Amazon above all). However, if we talk about market niches to be conquered there is margin and then it will be important to think locally about the need to invest in SEO. The social network furthermore, they are perhaps the main outlet for eshop: they are busy at any time and by a transversal audience. Not to mention that you can of course also use paid ads to generate traffic, even if there is no certainty regarding the final conversion.

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If you intend to increase traffic to a blog, in addition to the Google News road, it is possible to act better through social media. The secret lies in persuasive copywriting, the strength of the headlines and the ability to disseminate content that then goes viral. Finally, a look at the company portal, for which the opening and constant updating of business pages will be crucial steps on social platforms with a view to increasing traffic. The organic traffic will increase thanks to the presence of an interesting blog on the site (pay attention to the keywords) and it will be possible to resort to advertisements for paid traffic.

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