September 22, 2022

Blogging can be very valuable to various people for many reasons. You can really get the benefits of blogging for personal, professional, to make your own money or do business from blogging. Blogging is our ticket to a fulfilling career, amazing opportunities, and self-development. If you who are reading this are planning to start a blog, you have to stop thinking, stop procrastinating and start a blog. Blogging can be one of the best decisions in your life.


Here are some of the biggest reasons why all of you reading this should start blogging now!


Improve Writing Skills

The first and also one of the interesting reasons why we should start blogging is to improve the sharpness of our writing skills. Experience and lots of practice are the keys to a good result, including writing. Although bloggers are usually good writers, not all bloggers are good writers. Some of them usually hone their writing skills through blogging. Maybe it will feel strange at first because we are not used to it, but if you have done it often, then everything will feel easier. The written words will also flow by themselves.


Make Money

This is probably one of the interesting reasons why many people decide to blog. If we have a lot of readers and visitors, then we can monetize the blog. It is very beneficial to have an additional source of income in this day and age. Bloggers monetize their blogs in many different ways – usually, through advertising, link sharing, sponsored posts, products, blog competitions, and affiliate programs. Bloggers who work hard and are focused on making money from their blogs often earn more money from blogging than they could in a traditional job. In addition, making money can also really be done from endorsements. The benefits depend on the agreement between the blogger and the company.

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Documentation Place

By writing and telling our personal experiences or sharing photos on the blog, we have indirectly made the blog a place for documentation. When we have a blog, we also have a place to store those memories. It can also help us see how far we have come and how much we have missed.


Sharing Our Story

When you have your own blog, you can choose to write about what topics you are interested in, like and how to write them, and what information you want to include or delete. This is also very useful for maintaining your mental health because expressing your stories or feelings in a container will make you more relieved and relaxed.


Helping Others

By writing various experiences and knowledge that we have on the blog, we have indirectly provided benefits to them. We can help people out there solve their problems and provide the right solution. It is also possible that the stories from our experiences will inspire many others and also motivate them. With this, you are also a blessing to them because you have provided new insights and knowledge that will be useful for them, so with a blog, it is very easy to help others directly or indirectly.

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Increase Confidence

In the world of blogging, self-confidence is needed and is an important aspect before starting blogging. There will definitely be a difference of opinion. For example, the X has a bad opinion and does not agree with our writing on the blog, we must be confident to provide solutions and remain confident in our own opinions even if it is through writing. Even though there are criticisms of writing, we must remain confident. Don’t be down and try to take advantage of these criticisms and suggestions so that in the future it will be even better. In addition, of course, at the beginning of writing, we will feel nervous and feel not as skilled as other bloggers. But the more often we write, share tips, and others will indirectly make us more confident in what we share on the blog.


Learn To Discipline Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. However, when we have a blog, we will learn to be more consistent and responsible for the blog. We can also set a schedule for posting on the blog and will feel fully responsible for the posting schedule. This blogging will gradually help to create good habits and self-discipline every day that can help to see real success in the long run.

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Building Relationships

By using and working in the blog world, we will get to know many new people. Starting from your loyal visitors to your other blog friends. In addition, usually, bloggers will have their own community according to the theme of their blog. So we can establish good relationships with several other people who will be useful and beneficial for sure. The relationships that are built do not only come from within the country itself. We can really get friends and visitors from abroad, you know. Anyway, it’s not inferior to social media either.


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