April 27, 2022

It’s pretty well-known that video marketing is one of the most effective strategies in 2022. But if you’re hesitant to start, then a PPC management agency could be just what you need.

Read on to know how they can help you.

Steps to running an effective video marketing strategy

Set your marketing goal

Any marketing campaign you create has a goal to it. This could be brand awareness, conversion, or even remarketing.

You cannot start a marketing campaign without deciding which stage your video will target. This forms the basic premise of your video creation.

How PPC agencies can help

Without a marketing team, it’s hard for brands to identify stages in the sales funnel. And it makes no sense to target an awareness video to a person who has already been converted.

A PPC management agency will guide you right from the first step. They can accurately identify which audience group is at which stage of the sales funnel. It then becomes easier to create and show video ads to only those groups.

If you don’t target your ads, you’ll end up wasting a lot of your budget. So a PPC agency will help you save money.

Figure out your target audience

All marketing platforms allow you to highly target your ads and videos. You can get geographic, demographic, and interest-based targets.

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With this facility, you can personalize ads, which can increase revenue.

For example, if you’re a brand selling baby products, you wouldn’t want your ads showing up for a 15-year-old boy, would you?

How PPC agencies can help

A brand would be able to find its target. That’s the easy part. But it takes a bit of marketing expertise to set video campaigns to show up for specific groups.

YouTube has a large list of segments you can localize your videos for. This includes income groups, parental status, and in-market segments.

A PPC management agency will have the right expertise to know how best to target your video campaigns. They will also help you create a video that’ll appeal to your selected audience target.

Formulate your creative style

There’s nothing wrong with jumping back and forth with your videos. But your channel will look much more user-friendly if you stick to a creative style.

For example, Old Navy has a very clear style of videos on its YouTube channel. It’s always a series of short videos, mostly containing a social message.

When the audience becomes familiarized with your style, they’ll come to associate your video style with your brand, rather than the brand with the video. This helps create a longer-lasting impression on potential customers.

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This doesn’t mean you can’t change your editing style. You can bring variety to the type of videos you create. But try and stick to the same style for a single campaign.

How PPC agencies can help

A pay-per-click expert will have the experience to know what video style performs best in your niche. They can also help you establish that style and create a brand identity for yourself.

Optimize the video

Social media platforms like to challenge you. They make it hard for even subscribed viewers to find your videos. So, to beat the system, you need to optimize your videos to show up on search results

You want the target audience to be able to find your channel after they see your video. That’s why optimizing is relevant even if you’re running video ads.

Make sure you include your keyword in the title. You can also optimize the description section of your video. Longer descriptions tend to perform better.

Finally, make sure the message in the video is something your audience can gain from. If you’re including captions in your video, make sure it’s all grammatically correct and doesn’t block out any of the visuals.

All this will help you gain points with the platform’s algorithm.

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How PPC agencies can help

Optimizing a video takes intensive research. You’ll need to research your keyword and find effective ways to implement them in your content.

You can also include hashtags in the description section of the video. This won’t show up for the audience, but these words boost your SEO.

A PPC marketing service ensures you don’t need to worry about any of these backend jobs.

Analyze the performance

Never discount the campaign analyses as unimportant. This research will tell you what you’re doing right and how you can do better.

There are various tools that you can use to perform this research. But these tools can be confusing to understand for a non-marketing person. That’s where a PPC agency can help you.

How PPC agencies can help

PPC management tools like SEMRush and Google Ads use a lot of jargon in their reports. An expert marketer will be able to infer the reports and present them in a way you can understand.

With this finding, the agency can also help you improve your video campaigns and even the quality of your videos.

Tips to improve your video marketing strategies

Video marketing is one of the most effective forms. 96% of customers find it easier to make a buying decision if there’s a video in a product description.

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But the video needs to be effective. Here’s how to make your video ads work.

Make the intro unforgettable

Most YouTube ads can be skipped after 5 seconds. And shorter the ad, the better the ad recall.

Even if you’re creating a YouTube video, prioritize the first 5-10 seconds of your videos. Unless you can grab the audience’s attention within this time, they will click off.

Cross-post on multiple platforms

Videos take a lot of time and money to produce. So it makes no sense to create a video for a single platform.

Crossposting helps you save time on content creation. You won’t have to produce platform-specific videos.

If you want, you can make minor tweaks to the video for each platform you post it on. This will make it more platform-specific.

Crossposting facilitates an increase in video views. So user engagement will also increase.

But do this with caution. If you have the same followers on multiple platforms, seeing the same content on all platforms might lead to unfollows.


Add a CTA

Even if your video makes it obvious the action you want the viewer to take, a strong CTA helps to sell the point.

Write your CTA according to the funnel stage you’re marketing to. Use strong verbs to get link clicks.

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Collaborate with influencers

Instagram stories and YouTube videos are the two most popular influencer marketing channels. Influencers really help to drive awareness and customer decisions.

So you should use influencer marketing at the initial stages of the marketing funnel. This strategy works best for e-commerce and product-based brands.

Video marketing is often the last option for many brands because of the cost of production. But if you compare ROIs, video marketing has one of the biggest returns. So take advantage of the PPC services at your disposal and start your video marketing campaign.


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