November 25, 2021

Facebook, a platform that has over 2.2 billion monthly and active users, has helped connect friends, family, and even strangers from one corner of the planet to the other.

But what makes the platform stand out is its potential to help all businesses reach their goals and objectives in time. These days, people are looking to “UPGRADE” their Facebook video content, and that’s not without reason.

Taking your Facebook video content to a whole new level can be highly beneficial for your business.

You’re pretty curious now, aren’t you? We get it!

So, how can you improve your FB video marketing? Well, there are some tips, which you can follow to get it done. Here, we have come up with some of the best insights that can surely help you hit the bull’s eye.

  1. Limit The FB Videos Between 15 to 90 Seconds

Do you know that after 90 seconds, the engagement levels take a massive dip? Yeah, it’s true! That’s why, instead of going beyond 90 seconds, try to stay within the 15-second range. That’s enough for your video ads. Following the “short but sweet” technique is the one you need for your FB videos.

  1. Go Straight To The Point

Don’t beat around the bush!! [Sorry, it sounds so rude!!]. If you want to hook up your audience, just tell them directly what you want to say. Remember, your video should grasp the audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds. You must keep the video introduction concise and clear. Also, don’t forget to leave your audience wanting more.

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  1. Give A Reason To People To Watch Your Videos

We advise you that whenever you post a video on FB, post a text with it.

You can use this particular option to tell all the viewers why they should watch your videos and what they will learn. It works all the time, my friend; just give it a try!! Since you will get only a few seconds to grab their attention, make sure the sentence is pretty enticing.

  1. Caption The Content

Skipping captions is a big NO-NO!! So, DON’T YOU DARE THINK OF MISSING IT OUT!!

If you skip out the caption, your viewers will have no idea what your video is all about, and they will not think of checking it out as well. So, don’t forget to provide the caption. Providing a caption can also help you reach out to a broad audience.

  1. Create An Attractive Thumbnail

Every viewer will first look at the thumbnail right before pressing the “PLAY” button to see your video. If the thumbnail doesn’t have the “Attractive” feel, they will not think of playing the video. It will be a problem for you, buddy!!

That’s why, when using the Facebook Video Editor, you will get the chance to choose a thumbnail for your video content. You must pick an image that is interesting and attention-grabbing at the same time. That way, you can pull in viewers like magnets!

  1. Get To Know The Audience
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You must educate your audience, but you also need to educate yourself about them. If you don’t know what they like and dislike, you cannot grab their attention. You have to meet the needs of your audience with compelling video content.

Take a look at where exactly your target audience is located and learn what type of video they wish to see. Doing so will let you provide content according to their choices and preference.

Follow this technique, and you will thank us later!

  1. Ditch YouTube! Upload Videos Directly

When you want to upload a video, why choose YouTube? Instead, we suggest that you upload your video directly on Facebook.

Yeah, we know that YT [YouTube] is an excellent medium, but Facebook can do the same magic as YT.

Video uploaded directly on Facebook will gain more attention when compared with YouTube. Facebook videos receive a much higher organic reach and will perform brilliantly than other videos uploaded indirectly due to its “AUTOPLAY” feature.

Video content, when uploaded on FB, does the attention-grabbing work easily. Give it a go, and you will surely get a positive outcome.

  1. Provide CTAs [Call-To-Action]

We believe that one of the essential things of marketing is to make all your viewers do something about your business or product. Either it can be a click, an action, a purchase decision, or various other things.

That’s why CTA or Call-To-Action is the most crucial feature of the application. You can utilize the page template and then think of customizing the FB page with a CTA button.

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Remember one thing, the CTA button on FB will surely grab the audience’s attention and take them towards the video on the website right from the FB cover image.

You are free to add some options, such as “WATCH MORE,” “BUY NOW,” “CHECK THEM OUT,” or “CALL US NOW!!”.

  1. Optimize The Videos For Mobile

You must create video content that will run smoothly on smartphones. These days, people use their mobile phones a lot, so creating mobile-friendly video content will be more effective. It will indeed ensure a much better experience for all the audiences as they can gain access to content on the go.

  1. Use “Facebook Live” & “Facebook 360″ Features

You must check out and use the “Facebook 360″ and “Facebook Live” features as they will help in marketing your business properly. These features will provide you with an ideal medium to interact with the audience. One of the features will allow you to add slideshows and videos at the cover tab section, which helps you grab people’s attention immediately.

Summing Up

Facebook video content is taking the world by storm. The majority of marketers utilize FB videos to transform viewers into customers and grow their respective businesses.

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So, what’s next? Are you one of those marketers? Want to improve your video content on FB?  Follow the tips we have discussed here, and captivate the attention of your potential audience easily.


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