February 22, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a worldwide pandemic and has brought huge losses to the entire world. Be it an economic crisis or a loss of our close and dear ones; every individual has gone through some kind of loss during the pandemic years. There was a time when a number of dead bodies were lying on the side of the road, and their families were waiting for their funeral. At some corner, a daughter sees her father or mother dying and suffering but can’t even touch her father or mother. A woman has lost her children and her husband, and now she is trying alone to get one meal per day. Parents seeing their children find it hard to breathe but can’t touch their children. At some corners, people who could spread their hands to their families abandoned them with the fear of covid.

There is always a different side of the story. Where some people become selfish, and some become helpless, there came our superheroes. The real heroes were standing selflessly with all the patients. They were the doctors, nurses, NGO people, etc. They were the ones who didn’t care about their parents, wives, husbands, children, friends etc. because their dear ones were their patients. They also lost their close ones, they also had to stay away from their babies for months, they had to stay away from every person, and they also had to go through criticism. When it was difficult to step out of our houses, they were the ones to step into the battlegrounds. We are so proud of our superheroes, and that’s why we pay huge tribute to them. When all the schools, colleges, offices were shut, some young people took the chance of engaging students in one way or the other. To pay tribute to these heroes, many institutions arranged events and involved children in various activities like paintings, slogan in english, sharing personal experience, etc., with the theme as tribute to covid warriors. Different NGOs also took the initiative to engage the kids in backward areas either by teaching or other activities.

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Some people have taken the responsibility of those children who lost their parents due to covid and are providing education to them. Every pandemic has given destruction, but along with those, it also gives lessons to understand the importance of this world and how to value people. The pandemic has been destructive as well as inspiring at the same time. A lot of young school-going children have also taken charge of their younger siblings’ education. This is a massive change in the world because peer learning is way more effective than any other method of teaching. When a kid in 5th class is asked, “how to write a letter to a friend?”, he or she used to look at their bench partner in school and write his or her name. Now things have become virtual. A kid will have to think twice or thrice and end up writing their elder or younger sibling’s name, as they have become best friends within these two years of lockdown and shutdown.

So like every coin has two sides, this pandemic has also taught us many good things. These two years have been challenging as well as interesting when the world turned into a new way of living, i.e. virtual lifestyle. It has been of great help to a lot of people. Be it hospitals, be it school, etc., every system is now changing because of this pandemic and our covid warriors. We will always be grateful to these frontline warriors who have lost their lives like soldiers and who have fought every battle effortlessly.

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