July 1, 2022

When it’s time for a child to attend preschool or school, their parents decide to enroll their ward in place of their own choice. For higher education, an individual prefers to choose a stream based on their goal and ambition. Making confident career choices should depend on various factors, just like choosing an online teaching platform includes many factors like the software they provide, such as learning management system and ERP. Similarly, while making a career choice, one needs to look at critical components such as demand, needs, degree, certificates, skills, and, most importantly, individual interest.


When asked aspirants what their parents prefer to choose, a government job or a private one? The answer to this question will always be a government job over a private job. No matter how much extra annual package you will get while working in a private company like MNC [multinational company] than the government one, your parents will always ask you to prepare for the specific government recruitment exam.


There is no doubt about our parents’ intention. They will always think about our betterment. They want us to live peaceful and secure lives that can be possible in government jobs. They know that the job goes without many hurdles and provides stability, just like using LMS portals makes online class conduction much easier for educators. As a result, one can give enough time to family and have a great life. But the question is, does their experience give them the liberty to choose a career path for their ward? Should you give up on your dream because of your parent’s happiness? Selecting any career requires 100 percent effort, which is only possible if one is so much passionate about their goal. So if you are opting for a government job, the choice shouldn’t be forced by anyone. It should be only yours.

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Reasons for Valuing Govt Jobs Over Private One 

Secure employment

As we know, the competition in private-sector jobs is more. Your job mostly depends on your work performance, skills, and market growth. A company can fire its employee if it won’t see the growth or reduce its expenses. On the contrary, government jobs have no such risk. You will be fired if caught doing something illegal or unlawful. The government employee gets support money [pension] after retirement. Thus one has not much struggle and competition in a government job.


Free allowance

A government employee gets a dearness allowance and free travel allowance, contributing to the increasing demand for government jobs. The other advantages are- health insurance, child care wages, loans, etc. In the private sector, one must take care of these things at their own expense.


Flexible work hour

The top reason for opting for a government job should be that it provides a work-life balance. A government employee works for a maximum of 7 hours while a private sector employee works a minimum of 9 hours, which sometimes increases as per the work requirement.

Holidays and leave

The number of leaves in the private sector is less compared to a government job. A private sector employee gets about 20 leaves per year, and for bringing these given leaves, one needs to get approval with valid reasons. Sometimes a private company cancels this leave if the workload increases. But no such requirement in the government job. Government sector employees get to leave on every festival and national holiday, but that is not the case in private jobs.

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Less work stress

Lesser Work stress is a crucial component in choosing a career. It affects employees’ health and performance at the workplace. The vital benefit of a government job is that they provide flexible work hours and have no specific deadlines, which helps employees to be in a healthier frame of mind. They will be more productive for the organization.



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