Escape room
July 30, 2021

Wondering what a claustrophobic room filled with puzzles could teach you in 60 minutes? Well, it teaches you 5 important lessons that adults and kids can learn and utilize in their life.

The prospect of escape rooms might not be very attractive to you at the moment, but don’t worry as you are not alone who shares that thought.

Many people give up even before they attempt an escape room and many more give up after just their first try.

This is because escape rooms function as live-action games, they are puzzle games that need to be solved. Escape rooms can thus be stressful due to the time limit in which they need to be solved.

Below is a list of 5 important learnings from escape rooms, which we believe will help you in understanding how an escape room can help you in business, work-life, student life and how they can provide important life lessons.

Escape rooms promote analytical skills

Whether you’re a businessman or a student, analytical skills are important for everyone regardless of their age. Developing analytical skills requires time and patience, not to mention boring exercises and puzzles solving routines.

Keep your senses sharp

Escape rooms actively training your brain, through puzzles and riddles which often require creative and critical thinking skills. Escape rooms generally have a theme and a backstory, which makes escape rooms a great way to develop these skills.

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Analytical skills are useful for everyone in various walks of life. Students benefit the most from this lesson while adults too can train and keep their minds sharp through puzzle solving.

Escape rooms teach co-ordination

Escape room coordination

Co-ordination is an invaluable life lesson that we are taught from an early age. While most of us know the importance of working together, we hardly pay attention to actively develop co-ordination.

Most companies, businesses, and schools have team-based exercises that attempt to teach teamwork and better communication. But the problem arises when such activities become monotonous and boring.

There is a need for fresh new ideas that can teach these lessons effectively. And so, escape rooms have burst onto the scene as a popular spot for employee gathering and activities.

Improve your teamwork

Escape rooms have enjoyed a rise in popularity among businesses and educational institutes since escape rooms require their entrants to work together and communicate in order to escape the room. Proper communication and teamwork are always the preferred tactic.

Stealing the limelight, being loud, aggressive, and distracting is discouraged in such scenarios. These are some important lessons that you learn when you play escape games over and over.

Healthy Competition is good

As explained above, you don’t want to be THAT guy in a small room with no way out of it. Competitive nature is frowned upon by a particular sect of the society while many consider it as a precursor to success.

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The only lesson you learn about competition is that healthy competition is good. Working together to break a personal record or time record of an escape room is the only acceptable form of competition.

It is a team game

Being the hero is fine as long you enter the room alone. But that’s not the case when you enter escape room with other people, you have to be considerate of them.

Escape rooms are meant to be enjoyed and thus, you should avoid spoiling someone’s fun and immersion.

Whether you are a student or a busy professional it is important to learn these lessons. Competition as long as it is healthy is important in our life.

Failure is okay

With healthy competition, one of the most important life lessons we are not taught is that failure is okay. Failing is fine as long as we learn from our mistakes, dust ourselves up, get up and move on.

Escape rooms are perhaps one of the best places to learn this since, they come in various themes and difficulties. Failing to escape a room is one of the biggest reasons why many people do not attempt it again.

Do not give up

It is important to understand that you might fail in solving escape rooms not just once but maybe more times. Failure is completely okay since it can take you a few tries to adjust and understand how escape rooms work.

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Thus, you should keep on challenging escape rooms because you will always learn from your failure and eventually succeed. This is true for a lot of real-life situations such as Examinations, and business.

Patience is a Virtue

Losing your calm can be dangerous and damaging in your life. Depending on when and where you do so, getting angry has a lot of repercussions that people do not understand.

Not only do most people lose their analytical and critical thinking abilities with anger, they also become an unpleasant distraction.

Anger Management

Escape rooms are high-pressure situations where people need to solve difficult puzzles, great place to test your patience. You might have to deal with an incompetent teammate, difficult riddles, and the feeling of losing time fast.

Thus, escape room veterans know the virtue of patience, since it is a fine line between success and failure. The ability to keep yourself calm, as well as others, is important in life.


Escape rooms teach you important virtues and lessons. The above-mentioned 5 are some of the most important essential to you in your life.

Whether you are a student, or a professional these lessons will help you in your journey. Regardless of your age, the interactive nature of these rooms will keep you immersed and wanting for more.

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Remember, escape rooms teach you these lessons through countless hours of fun and engaging activities.


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