August 17, 2021

The interest that people showcase in sports is no mystery. Being one of the biggest industries, sports has exploded in popularity over the years. And ever since sports events are being conducted on a large scale and with a fancy setup, the marketers do expect a large audience to see two teams competing against each other. 

However, just like any other event, sports events also require proper planning and execution as it also may lead to a lack of engagement in the audience.

If you are looking for appropriate ways to increase the engagement of the audience during sports events, then you have reached the correct place. 

In this blog, we shall be telling you about a few practices that can help you in increasing your audience’s engagement level during your upcoming sports event. 

Let’s get started! 

  • Display Support For Noble Causes

Many sport event marketers try to tap into the emotional quotient of the audience by showcasing their support towards a social cause. If any sports team is supporting a cause or a particular community, then display the cause while promoting the event. 

If the audience also supports the cause, then they surely would be attending the event and would cheer for the team to win the game and donate for the cause. 

  • Giving A Behind The Scene Glimpse To Your Audience 

Another amazing strategy to increase the engagement of your audience during sports events is to display a glimpse of the players before they enter the ground. 

While the audience is waiting for the players to enter, they would surely go crazy with excitement when they see a glimpse of them in the waiting stand. 

This would increase the engagement of the audience since they would cheer for their favorite team with more enthusiasm. 

  • Increase The Engagement Using A Social Wall

A social wall works best when incorporated during sports events. To those unaware, a social wall is a collection of live or aggregated social media feeds collected from various social media platforms and aggregated in a unified form. 

The walls can be customized to the needs of the marketers and due to their highly engaging nature, they are brilliant to garner the attention of the audience. 

All you need to do is urge your audience to participate in the activity and display the content on a social wall. You can do so by motivating them to click pictures, record videos, create gifs, leave their reviews, or the team they place their bets on and post the content on their social media handles using specific hashtags. 

You can aggregate the content together using a social media aggregation tool and place it on a social wall. Your audience will be surprised and delighted to see their content on the social wall. It would further motivate the other audience also to participate in a zest to be featured on a social wall. 

Everyone loves to be featured and so will your audience leading to an increase in their engagement level. 

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  • A Jam Session In The Break To Keep The Spirits High 

Quite often, the audience loses interest if the game gets boring or slow. This may go against the event since they might feel the need to leave the event midway through and go home. 

To keep them engaged throughout the event, you can keep a small jam session and play some peppy tracks to boost the morale of the audience. 

Listening to energetic tracks with their drink in one hand would set the mood right and motivate the audience to stay throughout the game and continue cheering for the team they wish to win. 

  • Motivating Players To Engage With The Audience 

The main reason why people attend sports events is to have a look at their favorite players and to cheer for them. 

football, team, people @ Pixabay

To make the audience feel more pumped up and engaged, you can play a pre-recorded video of a few players engaging with the audience. 

To make it more impactful, you can host a contest on social media and the players can motivate the audience to participate in it to stand a chance to meet them personally. 

If the player has a good fan following, then it would surely work and the audience will show a keen interest in the contest and participate more leading to an increase in the overall engagement of the audience.

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Closing Note 

Just like any other event, even sports events require strategic planning to ensure maximum participation and engagement from the audience. 

We are at the end of the blog and are sure you must be highly excited and convinced to try out these incredible practices in your next event. 

Audience engagement is the deciding factor to determine the success of your sports event and these practices would definitely help you attain it. All you really need to do is get going and implement these in your next sports event!


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