June 21, 2022

Based on the 2021 Report on Work Fatality and Injury Rates in Canada, it has been reported that in 2019 925 workers died mainly because of work-related reasons. This data was collected by the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC)


These accidents can easily be avoidable if you put in the effort and turn your workplace into a safer, more secure zone to work in.


As an employer, safety must always be your utmost priority for your workers, regardless of rank. Here are some tips to help you out:


  1. Declutter Your Work Areas

Cluttered environments not only look untidy to the public eye, but they may even pose a threat to your workers. With materials such as cables, furniture, paperwork, or debris, littered around a site, an employee could trip and fall, which might cause some serious injury With ewmdumpsterrental dumpster rentals, you can stop these common threats to your workers and make waste management and disposal a whole lot easier.


This is precisely why everyone must organize their workspaces to avoid having an unsafe environment. Keep your areas as tidy as possible, by properly managing your wires, arranging your files and paperwork, and decluttering any unnecessary items that are piling on your desks or floors.

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  1. Secure your Chemicals and Toxic materials

Chemicals are not uncommon in most workplaces. If your profession involves being surrounded by toxic chemicals daily, then you must secure your materials accordingly, and avoid leaving them out in the open.


If you are careless with these substances, accidents are prone to happen. Or, even worse, a visitor or guest may enter your workspace and hurt themselves.


  1. Check If Your Equipment Is in Good Condition

If your workplace has wires flailing around, this could cause serious damage, and possibly result in a more dangerous outcome. Improper usage of extension cords or having damaged circuits may electrocute your workers, thus endangering everyone within the vicinity.


Never forget to check your old wirings and always make time to purchase new ones that are more reliable and safer to work with. Performing weekly check-ups in your offices may maintain a safer environment to work in.


Besides electrical cords, your other equipment, vehicles, and machines might no longer be in great condition. However, there is always the option to have them repaired. Repair shops are readily available within your area, including a diesel truck repair in Windsor.


  1. Wear Protective Gear

For construction sites, it is an absolute necessity for workers to be wearing protective gear. Similar to scientists working in laboratories, with all the toxic fumes wafting around your atmosphere, always be sure to wear safety gear such as gloves or laboratory goggles.

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Not only that, make sure to clean yourself before returning to your homes. You may still have residue lingering on your clothing, so it is always best to rinse your body thoroughly before heading home.


  1. Conduct Training Exercises

Educating your employees about workplace precautions must also be required by your management. If accidents happen, your workers must be prepared to handle the situation.


Conducting seminars or training exercises is strictly advisable. Exercises such as the WHMIS training in Cambridge can be of immense help to workers. With the knowledge, it may help them be ready in the face of any crisis.


Although these tips may be helpful, never forget that it is within the rights of your workers to be assured of their safety and protection against any injury.


If you, as the employer, feel as if your management is simply being neglected and is prone to accidents, do not hesitate to ask for legal assistance such as a personal injury lawyer in Mississauga to help you with your issue.


For all employers out there, the safety of your workers must always be prioritized, and hopefully, these tips can aid you in keeping your workplace a less hazardous environment to work in.

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