Insights to launch an on-demand multi services app
July 22, 2021

Providing a bundle of on-demand services under one roof is the motto of multi-services apps. Multi-services apps have been flagged as super apps, as users don’t have to go outside of the app for availing themselves of any kind of online services. If a user wants to book a ride or order delicious food, the super app is the one-stop app solution. Ultimately, if you develop a multi-services app, you have a greater possibility of acquiring more users. 

One of the multi-services apps that have made a huge impact in the on-demand sector is Gojek. Started out as a single service provider, Gojek has branched out to provide almost twenty on-demand services. We will see how to build a robust app like Gojek that can provide services without any interruption.

The Recent Alliance Of Gojek With AirAsia

The growth of Gojek has become non-stoppable and the same will continue in the impending years as well. A few months ago, Gojek unveiled its partnership with Tokopedia, which is also a company based out of Indonesia. This alliance will dominate the on-demand services businesses of Southeast Asia. 

Gojek & AirAsia

Earlier this week, AirAsia and Gojek made public as their alliance. Sources report that AirAsia will buy Gojek’s business in Thailand for $50 million. This alliance is expected to boost Gojek’s business as the company was experiencing dull sales in regard to food delivery services in Thailand. Also, Gojek is about to focus its business in Vietnam and Singapore. Overall, this partnership is a feather in the cap for Gojek.

The best way to create a super apps or any other complicated apps is to sought out for a white-label solution.

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What Is A White-Label Solution?

Rebranding is the core purpose of white-labeling. B2B app developers develop various apps and sell them to their clients. While selling, it is the responsibility of the app developer to add the brand name that their clients request. So, a white-labeled application will give you complete freedom to put your business name onto the app. 

Crucial Traits That Make Entrepreneurs Invest In The White-label Multi-services App Solution

You might have researched the on-demand sector and gained insights into its rapid growth. As there is a sudden steep rise in the number of users availing of the on-demand services, the need for this kind of apps has also increased. So, entrepreneurs who eye to position their business in this field are looking for an instant app development method, and the clone app development surfaces as an obvious answer.


Generally, if a thing is ready-made, we can use it immediately. The same applies to apps. If you get a ready-made app, you can deploy it on Play Store or App Store immediately. This is the first trait of the clone app. Secondly, you have a free pass to customize the app. Not every ready-made product will suit our requirements, in general. I hope that you will agree with me. In the clone app development, you will get the provision for doing alterations, which is technically called customization.

App development companies label their clone apps as 100% customizable, meaning that you can alter anything inside the app. 

Nextly, you can opt for scaling up the app so that you can meet the demands in the impending years. Overall, these are the pivotal traits a clone app solution possesses. 

Gojek Clone App And The White-Label Solution

If you are hungry enough to launch an app like Gojek that can hold a mass of on-demand services, then you will have to invest in the Gojek clone app that is backed with the white-label solution. Simply, the Gojek clone carries adnouns like ready-made, scalable, and customizable.

You must be quite surprised regarding the ready-made feature if you are new to the idea of clone apps. Normally, you know app development solutions that will begin with the prototype stage. But this is not the scenario in clone app development. All you will do is set up a meeting with your developer, know the list of apps they have, and choose the one that is equivalent to your requirements.

Brand New Features Of The Multi Services App Solution

I don’t wish to bore you with the usual features like push notifications, profile, in-app messenger, etc. Trends keep fluctuating, and to cope with that, your app must expose trending features. So, we shall see the list of recently added features to the multi-services app solution.

  • Restricted passenger limit – From the name, you can identify that this feature is a result of the pandemic. While making the taxi booking, the app will show the number of passengers allowed based on the taxi’s capacity. 
  • Face mask verification – Another brand new feature is the face mask recognizer. The app will determine whether or not the delivery person or the driver wears a face mask. One of the most essential safety measures in these times is wearing a mask. So, without the app’s approval, the delivery person or the driver cannot proceed further with the bookings. 
  • Safety checklist – A collection of safety measures is curated and uploaded on the app. The driver has to fill the safety checklist, and the app will verify the details. 
  • Two-way fare calculator – There are different fare calculation formats. If a user opts for traveling on the same taxi to and fro, then they will be informed about the total fare, and for that, the two-way fare calculator is integrated. 
  • Voice instructions – Undoubtedly, the delivery person or the driver’s app will contain the live map feature with which they can find the location and start moving. Additionally, voice instructions can be given by customers, which can be used by the delivery persons or drivers. 
  • Heat maps – Get to know the location from where you get multiple bookings. Simply, through heat maps, you will be apple to spot the areas from where people send bookings in large numbers.

These features can also be used while developing a transportation app for medical emergencies.

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Finishing lines

As far as the on-demand market is concerned, the level of opportunity will never subside. Without a shred of hesitation, you can plunge into this business field, provided you have an amazing set of marketing plans. All the best!


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