Various inventory issues in an organization
June 9, 2021

Inventory is an important part that cannot be ignored what inventory management is an issue that almost every company. Inventory issues are faced by organizations some issues are not even recognized. Resolving these issues is an important part of business otherwise your business will never be fruitful. Your profit will be leaking from inventory and other problems. In order to resolve issues, the first step will be you need to know those issues. Then only you will be able to solve them! Right?  

What are the major inventory issues?  

Major inventory issues are discussed below:  

Inventory stock-out

One of the most common problems of inventory issues is stock-out. This happens when you think inventory is available in the stock but when you actually check it, inventory is finished or inventory is not much as per the expectations. In this type of scenario business loss occurs and potential loss of customer as well.   

Too much stock

Too much inventory stock

Some business management orders way too much inventory in order to grow their business thinking that some plan inventory will be finished. However, on the contrary, inventory is left more than expected. As a result, too much inventory is left, chances of a huge loss if inventory is not sold to other vendors or returned. Business investment shall be done keeping all factors in mind, accurate data shall be used otherwise loss will occur.   

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Spreadsheet error

Errors are one of the main reasons for any issues. Spreadsheets are inaccurate that is why they produce errors in inventory. The spreadsheet is accessed by multiple people in the office and there is no chance of founding changes made by whom. So, many employees intentionally and unintentionally change the data. As a result, inventory is miscalculated & inventory issues happen

Inventory theft

One of the main reasons behind inventory theft lack of security. In many cases, employees are the ones behind the theft. According to Statista, “The share of retail inventory shrinkage in the United States from 2015 to 2018, by source. In 2018, 35.7 percent of retail inventory shrinkage was caused by shoplifting/external issues, whereas 5.8 percent was as a result of vendor fraud or error.”  

When inventory theft occurs, it is a direct loss of the company no wonder inventory theft or any kind of theft directly impacts the bottom line of the company.  

Manual inventory tracking

Manual inventory tracking

Manual inventory tracking can work in small size organizations but as the organization size grows inventory tracking manually becomes an ineffective method. It can be very lethal for business. For example, by mistake order was given of 500 quantities instead of 100 quantities. If these stock-keeping units are not finished in time, then the business will suffer.   

How to overcome these inventory problems?   

In order to overcome these problems, it is important that you understand issues in the organizations. If your organization is facing the above-told issues then the best solution to the problem is inventory management software.  

Inventory management software manages inventory in the right way. It automates the process and eliminates human error. One of the major benefits of inventory management software is that it provides accuracy in terms of inventory. Accuracy is required for inventory management because several issues occur due to a lack of accuracy. Therefore, it is important that software provides accurate results.   

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Furthermore, inventory management software utilizes asset tracking technology for accurate location of inventory tracking. There are several asset tracking technologies are available such as Barcode, QR Code (Quick Response Code), RFID (Radio-frequency identification). All these technologies come in the form of a tag. The tag contains a unique number through which tracking is done. This tag is attached to each inventory box and provides an accurate location. It saves from theft, misplacement.  

Inventory tracking is important in business and manual inventory tracking is not efficient therefore, automated inventory management software assistance is required for efficient and effective inventory management. 

 The software lets you know how much stock is left so that you are aware of inventory stock. Furthermore, it also alerts the manager and team when inventory is below the defined low stock level then the manager can start the refilling procedure of inventory. In that way, you do not have to worry about overstock issues or out-of-stock issues.  

One of the biggest advantages of inventory management software it automates the process and eliminates human error. It also eliminates the shared spreadsheet usage.  

Furthermore, it provides data that is very useful in business. For instance, previous data can help in setting & defining low stock levels! Data helps in understanding future trends that will help the business grow. It can also provide crucial analytics through which you can know how much inventory you will need in the upcoming season. Analytics gives you an accurate number that helps in making business decisions.


Inventory issues shall not be ignored as it can be harmful to business. Steps shall be taken in order to resolve issues. As we told above how inventory management software can help! 

If your organization is struggling with these problems then this inventory or asset management software is mandatory. This will help you take your business to whole new level & your inventory issues will be finished forever. 


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