December 18, 2021

 Board exams are given a lot of importance by the school systems in India. Many students appear for the board exams every year. Many universities consider the results of board exams for admissions. Students, therefore, need to study well for the exam.


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most important education board or system in the country. They conduct board exams for thousands of students around the country. The board published the new policy for conducting the board exams this year. For the 10th and 12th class students, this has been a great relief. The new policy makes it mandatory that board exams must be conducted twice in the coming years. This will reduce the burden on students. The new policy came after the Covid-19 pandemic. It has made worse academic sessions, both current and the last. This new policy has turned out to be a relief for many students.


Many students took the help of online apps for taking classes. This helped them study well for their exams. Online teaching has multiple teachers who teach online. This has proved to be beneficial for a thousand students. They found life much easier because of that. The reduced pressure helped them perform better academically. This has been life-changing for me.

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Here are many ways a student can perform better in the board exams.


Previous year Question Papers


The best way to improve time management is to practice the previous year’s question papers. One should practice hard before giving the real exam. One must practice completing a full past paper. They must write a complete paper in the prescribed time. It’ll give a person a sense of where they might need to speed up or where they can afford to spend more time. Then, once they are in the exam, they’ll be comfortable with how they want to split their time accordingly.


Understand Concept


One must plan to review and revise the material. They must revise the night before an exam. They can do so right before going to bed. It’s one of the best ways for students to remember what they have studied or read. One must avoid cramming. They must learn and understand rather than cramming everything. One must revise as much as possible. Over time, one must be able to recall everything. One must study in chunks and not study in one go. It’s also a good idea to avoid last-minute stress. Negative effects at the last moment can be avoided.

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Revision is Important


Teachers and mentors work with students and help them develop revision techniques that work best for the student. Students can do so when needed. Teachers encourage students to revise as much as possible. One can ask questions for doubts they have. They can close the learning gap they have but it comes with unlimited revisions.


Revising allows students to see what they’ve written and learn. Revising is a way to learn about the art of writing. Revision is tied to critical reading as well. To piece, students must reflect on the study material properly.




Exams help in the development of the individual. It gives them values and critical thinking. It allows them space for self-assessment. It helps them overcome failures. It fills them with positivity. This improves the quality of education a child is receiving. Exams help a teacher understand the mental capacity of the students. They can also make their shortcomings better.


One must remember that an exam isn’t everything. The education system puts a lot of pressure on exams but it doesn’t mean that it is everything. As humans, we have moved away from the days when whole groups of students were not allowed admission to colleges they want, because of low marks. Usually, people from poorer backgrounds are discouraged and they are told that exams are everything. This is not true.

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Now people take examinations as part of the education system and not the end to life. This has made life easy for them. Students can perform better because of the reduced pressure. The authorities have taken great steps to make students less pressured. The education system, therefore, has changed for the better.


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