December 27, 2021

The NMAT syllabus is divided into three sections namely Reasoning skills, Language skills, and Reasoning skills. The Graduate Management Admission Council decides the NMAT syllabus and releases it on the NMAT office guide. Candidates must go through the entire NMAT syllabus in detail to ensure better preparation.

Sectional Weightage – NMAT Syllabus

Candidates will be required to answer three sections in the NMAT exam. Understanding the sectional weightage will allow you to focus properly on important topics. The exam pattern of the NMAT exam is as follows –


Sections No. of Questions Time (In Minutes)
Logical Reasoning3640
Language Skills3628


NMAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus

The section of the NMAT exam will assess the aspirant’s critical thinking ability and decision-making skills. Candidates will have to complete 36 questions of verbal and logical reasoning within 40 minutes. The detailed syllabus is given below –


Analytical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
Classification and SyllogismsStatement and Argument
Coding and DecodingStatement and Inference
Linear and Circular ArrangementsStatement and Assumption
Matrix Type QuestionsCourse of Action
Blood RelationDecision Making
Input-OutputCritical Reasoning
Direction and Series


NMAT Language Skills Syllabus

The Language section will test you on para forming, error identification, prepositions, comprehension, sentence completion, and analogies. Your knowledge of English will be tested in three main areas – comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Here you will get 28 minutes to complete 36 questions. The broad areas include –

  • Analogies
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Error Identification
  • Sentence Completion
  • Prepositions
  • Para Forming
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You will get 40 seconds on average to solve one question in this section. However, you will need extra time for the reading comprehension portion. You can allow 30 seconds for other questions to get around 10 minutes for the 8 questions from the reading comprehension part.


GrammarVocabulary Comprehension
PrepositionAntonymsPara Jumbles
Sentence CorrectionSynonymsRC Passages
Parts of SpeechFill in the blanksOdd one out
Identification of ErrorsAnalogiesJumbled Sentences
Phrasal VerbsIdiomsParagraph summary
TensesCloze Test


Candidates must put considerable focus on reading comprehension. This section will test your ability to comprehend, read, and interpret the given passage and answer the questions. You must be able to deduce the meaning from the passage and draw meaningful inferences. You will find the following type of passages in the NMAT exam –

  • Descriptive passages
  • Argumentative passages
  • Analogy-based passages
  • Discursive passages

NMAT Quantitative Skills Syllabus

This section will have 36 questions that candidates must solve within 52 minutes. Here, you will be tested on your mathematical problem-solving capabilities. The sub-topics for the quantitative skills section of the NMAT syllabus include –

  • Arithmetic
  • Number Properties
  • ‘DI-Caselets and Tables
  • Data Sufficiency
  • ‘DI-Graphs and Charts
  • Algebra and Probability
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The detailed syllabus is as follows –

Number PropertiesBasics of Numbers

Fractions and Decimals

Finding out the Unit Digit

Divisibility of Numbers



Least Common Multiples (LCM)

Highest Common Factors (HCF)


Algebra and ProbabilityEquations


Sequences and Series


Permutations and Combinations

ArithmeticSimple and Compound Interest


Profit and Loss


Ratio and Proportion



Time and Work

‘DI-Graphs and Charts
‘DL-Caselets and Tables
Data SufficiencyNumber Properties Based Questions

Arithmetic Based Questions

Algebra-Based Questions

Probability-Based Questions


Summing Up

Now that you know the latest syllabus for the NMAT exam, it’s time to start your preparation. Practice mock tests and make short notes to understand the concepts better. Moreover, try to follow a proper study plan regularly and get proper sleep. Keep your focus on core topics and aim for success!




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