December 8, 2021

When the students are promoted to class 10th, the students and their families are under a lot of stress regarding what would be the results in the board examinations. The students who are in class 10th are under very high pressure. There is a societal pressure on the students to get above 90% in the exam. They are expected to perform well so that they can get the desired stream for further studies. Among all the subjects, Mathematics is the most difficult subject in class tenth as compared to other classes in their secondary school life. The students need to have their basics cleared as for the students to select a specific stream they have to keep themselves clear from confusion in basic concepts. Olympiads are Indian talent search examinations which are strictly based on the syllabus followed by the boards in the country. IMO for class 10th has different kinds of questions asked in the exam ranging from direct application based questions to critical thinking higher order based questions

To excel in a tough competitive exam like IMO the students need to have the right preparation resources and a good technique for preparation in hand.

Preparation resources for class 10 IMO:

Giving competitive exams like olympiads also provides an assessment towards the board exam preparation. When it comes to the Olympiad examinations of class 10th there is a constant fear and pressure to perform well in the exam. Students’ lives are extra stressed because they need to perform well in boards as well as the Olympiad examinations. Olympiad exam conducting organizations also know the pressure upon the students and therefore they have the syllabus of the examination as the same as the boards. Olympiad examinations are a must for students to give.

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Olympiad examination questions help the student realize their weak points and the level of preparation for boards. The Olympiad Exam provides an insight into the level of clarity and knowledge of the concepts given. There is a variety of problem-solving questions which help the student to think about a concept practically. All the concepts become clear when the students are preparing for the examination. The Olympiad examinations make the student revisit all the concepts and previous knowledge to have a better understanding. The Olympiad exam preparations help at the time of boards and it prevents the students from wasting time on extra revision.

The Olympiad examination covers all the chapters that are given in the math curriculum in all schools in India.

Here is the list of the chapters for the syllabus asked in the examination of IMO for class 10th.

  1. Real numbers
  2. Arithmetic Progression
  3. Polynomials
  4. Quadratic Equations
  5. Probability, Permutation, and Combination
  6. Coordinate Geometry
  7. Triangles
  8. Circle and its Area
  9. Quadrilateral and its Area
  10. Trigonometry
  11. Data handling
  12. Logical reasoning

Students should go and buy Maths preparation Olympiad books:

The Olympiad examination such as IMO has a particular booklet for exam preparation which is prepared by the subject matter experts and some very good teachers in the particular field. Referring to the booklet proves to be very helpful for the students in solving different kinds of questions and it compares them to thinking out of the box. The students have to pay a nominal fee to get the book and the book helps very much at the time of board exam preparation also. There is a complete question bank for practice and answers are also given for the students to check whether the question is right or wrong. Different topics are covered in the book very nicely. The booklet has a vast syllabus covered in it and also different kinds of questions that can be asked for a particular topic are given in a sequenced manner.

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Solving IMO question papers of previous years

There are many previous year question papers for IMO for class 12th which are made available by the Indian talent Olympiad. The question papers are updated so that the students are aware of the current trends of the paper. The papers are provided with their answer key for the student to check for the solutions and clear the doubts for certain questions he is finding difficult. The students can buy the book in hard copy to prepare for the Olympiad examination. They can also download Class 10 Olympiad Papers With Answers. The downloaded papers are given with the answers for free for student reference at various sites online. Since the students are preparing for different kinds of reference materials for preparing their board examinations, IMO papers and books prove to be very helpful when it comes to mathematics. They help the students understand the implication part of the subject. The students prepare from base books and papers and side by side they’ve used their board preparations for mathematics. Sometimes the questions are asked from the previous papers and practicing the previous papers help the student to score well.


Date of examination:

The International Math Olympiad, which is IMO, is held by the International Talent Search Olympiad Agencies. The exam is held online and offline both. In the present pandemic situation, the online exam allows the students to sit in their particular systems and give the test at home. The exam is scheduled every second and 4th Saturday of the month in the online mode. The exam doesn’t make it mandatory for the students to give it with a laptop only. The students who don’t have access to the laptop can also give the exam. The examination conducting authority allows the student to take the examination from their respective smartphones and tablets. The examination is held annually for class  1 to 10 maths in December and February. Students are given the freedom to choose the time of examination as per their choice. The result of the Olympiad exam test series is updated regularly.

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It is very beneficial to give IMO for class 10th as it allows the student to prepare at their own pace and give the exam in their selected slots.


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