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August 24, 2021

It may be possible that you are interested in getting new tyres for your car but can’t differentiate between the tyres. It is normal for a motorist to have confusion while buying tyres because there are so many varieties available in the market today. It becomes a difficult task to choose from. While purchasing a new set of tyres, you must research the advantages and disadvantages of a specific model. This can be a very essential thing to know. All motorists have a distinct list of requirements and expectations from their tyres Leicester.

You can find abundant confusing information about different types of tyres. 

–         Winter tyres – Tyres that are specially made for functioning under 7 degrees Celsius. The rubber compound of these tyres is made with natural rubber to provide the tyre softness they need to create for making a firm grip. The tread of the tyre is made in a way to disperse water and ice and help in a better motion. The tread of the winter tyre is deep and closely packed to provide better handling and stability on the snow-covered role. Winter tyres are designed in a way to deliver a great performance in extremely cold weather. 

–         Summer tyres- These tyres are supposed to be used specifically in hot weather above 7 degrees Celsius. They are supposed to provide better handling and stability on hot and dry roads. Summer tyres are said to provide great performance in wet road conditions as well. The rubber compound of summer tyres is made with a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber mixed with different chemicals to provide the softness that helps in maintaining a swift motion. The tread of these tyres is made with a large block-shaped tread that leaves a bigger footprint on the road. Such tyre tread provides suitable stability and agility while driving on dry roads. 

–         All- season tyres– You can also call them all-weather tyres, the best alternative for seasonal tyres. It is said to have become popular. All season Churchill tyres Leicester are made by combining the physical properties of both the summer and winter tyres. All-season tyres function well in dry and wet road conditions but cannot really provide exceptional performance in extreme winters. 

–         Run-flat tyres– Run-flat tyres are the best tyres for regular tyres for getting punctures. As the name suggests, these tyres can run even if the tyre is flat. Have you ever been stuck on the road because of a flat tyre, then run-flat tyres can be the best choice for such situations? These tyres can turn out to be a great innovation and has the major advantage of running for around 40 miles when flat. The only drawback of the run-flat tyre is that once flat they cannot be repaired, they will only be replaced. 

–     All-terrain tyres- These tyres are tyres that can run on any kind of surface. All-terrain tyres are famous for running on the tarmac as well as off-road surfaces. These tyres are well suited to provide good traction on different road surfaces. They are basically a combination of off-road and street tyres. 

–         Low-profile tyres– The height of a tyre is measured from the rim to the outside edge of the tyre. The height of low-profile tyres is extremely low. They’re popular in sports vehicles, but they’re also popular with automobile owners who like a sportier aesthetic. These tyres allow for aggressive driving but at the expense of comfort.

–         Performance tyres- These are advanced tyres that provide great handling and stability even at high speed. More likely they are designed for sports cars and luxury cars but if you want to improve the performance then you can use performance tyres.  

You must always remember to maintain your tyres on regular terms. By doing so, you will increase the life and performance of your tyres. 

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Our goal is simple – help our customers understand the differences between various types of tyres and what advantages they offer.
It is not easy to sort through all of the information out there, so we’ve done the hard part for you by compiling all the most important facts and data into one handy guide. Solution: In this article, we will compare three types of car tyres – A/T or All-Terrain, UHP or Ultra High Performance, and V-rated or Winter tyres as well as look at the pros and cons of each


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