July 28, 2021

The essence of DFM is to look at the entire manufacturing process and design the simplest and most cost-effective way to make the product a success. The importance of DFM is to look at the whole manufacturing process and create the simplest and most cost-effective way to make the product a success. It is a strategic game plan for new product development. Leading sourcing agents and factory consultants recommend using DFM to avoid many of the major pitfalls that companies fall into when manufacturing overseas products.

Put, planning for production has three main objectives.

  1. Minimizing costs

While the design is critical to the success of a product, it is also the least expensive step in making changes to the manufacturing process. In many companies, approximately 70-80% of manufacturing costs can be attributed to decisions made during design. By integrating DFM into the design process, the product design team and the production team (those responsible for actually building the product) can be on the same page. In this way, the design team and the manufacturing team can play two primary roles, working together during the design process.

  • Confirmation of feasibility
  • Reducing the complexity of the design

More complex designs can lead to more complex manufacturing processes and the need for expensive equipment. A sourcing company in the USA can help you in this. With the help of skilled professionals and experienced consultants, these company can make your complex process simple and easy to understand. But, you have to make sure that you choose only the best names in this industry for your tasks so that you can get the best services as per your requirements.

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If a plan is deemed unfeasible by the manufacturer, it may need to be changed or modified. A simple design is desirable because the standardization of components reduces the cost of tooling and materials. These features ensure ease of production and avoid unnecessary costs.

  1. Faster time to market

In addition to reducing costs, DFM can significantly reduce time to market because adequately constructed and implemented DFM can reduce the time required for product redesign, plant start-up, and production due to poor communication between product design teams and production partners. In the world of overseas output, speed to market is paramount.

Although product trademarks and intellectual property (IP) are well protected in the U.S., once production begins, foreign competitors penetrate even before the product is on the market. DFM reduces delays and increases speed to market, thus minimizing the chances of new competitors emerging and gaining market share. DFM is the key to reducing the opportunity for new competitors to emerge and gain market share

  1. Effective quality control

 DFM considers the key questions:” How will manufacturing affect the look, feel, and function of the original product design?” By achieving this goal, the probability of a deviation between the actual product design and the final product is significantly reduced. This principle of DFM, combined with reducing design complexity, creates a manageable quality control phase.

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This is beneficial regardless of who is doing the quality/quality control, whether it is your people going to the factory or using the services of a factory consultant or manufacturing partner. Thus, if a problem is found late in the manufacturing process, it can be very costly to fix or change. Implementing DFM can alleviate these problems and the additional costs and delays.

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If modifications are needed, they can be made more quickly and efficiently than would otherwise be because a well-designed DFM facilitates manufacturing.

Sometimes, companies go above and beyond in designing their products and skip designs made for manufacturing. As a result, they may encounter unforeseen difficulties that can bring obstacles to their business. Carefully creating a DFM with the help of procurement consulting firms is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor, but it takes time and resources.

When considering outsourced manufacturing in Asia, a professional supply chain consultant or sourcing team can be an effective way to streamline the process by answering questions about DFM and finding and introducing reliable manufacturing partners. You need to do a stringent checking before choosing the right consultant for your job. Also, ask them to showcase their previous work and client testimonials to ensure that you get the best solutions from a reputed brand.

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