August 10, 2021

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are well aware about Gojek Clone application and its multiple advantages already. However, since starting a new business can be intimidating and investing in something absolutely new can be challenging, it is only fair that you want to gather as much information about the Gojek Clone app and how it can be of use to your company or brand. 

In today’s blog, we will cover some of the top questions and doubts in the multi service industry. Here are a few issues that we will address today:

  1. What is the Gojek Clone app?
  2. What is the Flow of the Gojek Clone App?
  3. What are the primary Advantages of using this app for your business?
  4. What makes our app the best solution in the market for you?

So, without wasting any more time shuffling around, let us straight away get down to answering these questions. 

What is the Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone app is a multi service business platform in malaysia available in the form of a mobile application that allows users and service providers to access each other. Think of it as a modern day virtual bazaar where service providers can showcase their services, their expertise, their experience and so on and so forth and the users can make an informed decision from. 

The Gojek Clone app gives the users the convenience of getting what they want, when they want it. It is as easy as picking up their smart phones and tapping a few fingers here and there to access the services of their wish. 

The Gojek Clone app was created after the primary Gojek application that started in Indonesia providing a medium for bike riders to start offering their services and earning money. Soon it evolved into a much more complex business in malaysia  with multiple services under its fold. As that became popular entrepreneurs form around the world started looking for an option that was similar and effective. 

This is where the Gojek Clone app was born. The need to be able to access multiple services from a single platform and to be able to earn unequivocally from across different services quickly gave birth to one of the world largest multi service platform that offers over 70 different services in one app. 

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What is the Flow of the Gojek Clone app?

For an app as big as the Gojek Clone app it is extremely important to maintain the right kind of flow. Without the right flow, it is easy for the user to lose track of the navigation and find it difficult to find the services that they are looking for. Here is the flow of our Gojek Clone app.

On entering the mobile app, the user gets to see the landing page of the app. There, there are 4 main classifications of categories visible. 

>> Taxi Booking 

>> Parcel Delivery

>> Store Based Delivery

>> Service Provider

The user can click on the option that they want and get further categories listed within it. For example, inside the taxi section, the user can choose whether they want hire a hatch back or a sedan, whether they want it for a local ride or they wish to travel intercity and so on and so forth. Within the parcel delivery section, they get to choose between single delivery and multiple deliveries. In single delivery, the sender can send across a parcel from one location to another. In the multiple deliveries option, the sender can send across parcels from one location to multiple locations which means from point A to point B, C, D, E and more. There is no embargo on the dimensions and the weight of the parcel. It can range from an envelope to a hundred bags of cement. The user can choose the type of vehicle they need to make the delivery based on their budget and the urgency of delivery. 

The store based delivery option is a great one. It allows users to purchase items and get them delivered to your doorstep instantly. This option includes:

– On Demand Food Delivery from Restaurants

– On Demand Grocery Delivery from Grocery Stores

– On Demand Bottled Water Delivery

– On Demand Alcohol Delivery

– On Demand Medicine Delivery from pharmacies

– On Demand Home Cooked Items Delivery

– On Demand Flower Delivery

– On Demand Cake/ Baked Goods Delivery

And much more. 

The user can enter any of these sections and then place an order for the items within that category to get them delivered to their doorstep instantly. 

The other option is that of the service providers. In this option, the users can hire service providers of their choice to deliver their services instantly. This option gives access to the users to over 52 different service providers including On demand Electrician, On Demand Plumber, On Demand Beautician, On Demand Doctor, On Demand Snow Removal Experts, On Demand Car Wash, On Demand Roadside Assistance, and much more. 

What are the Primary advantages of using this app for your business?

There are many advantages of using the on demand multi service platform like the Gojek Clone for your own business. However, here are some of the most notable ones. 

>> Instant access to service providers for customers

>> Single download and single log in

>> Cashless Payments

>> CoVid 19 Corona Virus Prevention and Safety Features

>> Downloadable reports for the admin

>> Changeable and adjustable commission percentage for different services

>> Easy flow

>> Social Media log in

And much more. 

What makes our app the best solution in the market for you?

There are hundreds of variants of the Gojek Clone app available in the market. With so many options available it is easy for people to get confused about which is the right one for their own business. We have been in this industry for almost a decade and have our hand on its pulse. By understanding consumer behavior and market fluctuations, we have been able to create the most flawless on demand Gojek Clone app in the world. 

We have created specific packages with independent feature bundles that you can pick and choose from. This means that you no longer have to pay for things that you don’t want in your app. Just choose the features that you think are relevant and suitable for your business in Malaysia and let us know! 

What’s more, we only take 4 to 5 business days to white label the app for you and launch it on the Google Play store and the iOS app store. We also offer you a demo of the app for an unlimited duration so that you can make an informed choice. 

On the whole our Gojek Clone App is one of the best solutions for our business. It is an effective tool that allows you to grow to the zenith of the market and establish your brand value. 

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