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July 28, 2021

All companies that are already carrying out their digital transformation consider at one time or another to implement digital signature online solutions to improve and streamline their management processes and the productivity of their employees.

But, how do you know what you should take into account when choosing the best e signature online app? We will tell you about it in this post.

How to choose your digital signature online solution provider?

The electronic signature is such a fundamental and useful tool to carry out any signing process -contracts with suppliers or clients, employment contracts, SEPA mandates, etc. – that without it, digitization would not be complete.

Given the different digital signature online solutions that currently exist on the market, it is important to consider the following before opting for one or the other option:

Easy to use

It is essential to verify that the process, necessary to carry out an electronic signature or send a document to be signed, is as simple and intuitive as possible.

Whatever a user’s previous experience with these tools, the flow should be simple and quick to complete.

Some individuals and companies try to use free E Signature for the documentation. To some extent, these solutions work. However, in this digital world, you should consider those digital signature online solutions that provide you the maximum benefits to keep the documentation confidential, secure, authentic, legally valid, and protected throughout the procedure, or even after that.

No need to download or install any program

Before any electronic signature solution, it must be considered that it does not require the download or installation of any additional program on the hard disk.

They do not interest platforms that consume their resources (disk space) and not up to the new technological times (software in the cloud).


Taking into account that more than half of internet connections are made through smartphones and that more and more activities and work tasks are carried out through these devices, it is necessary to ensure your digital signature solution provides the facility to use its mobile app. In some cases, responsive websites also help you use a digital signature online on the smartphone.

Here, it is necessary to mention that free electronic signature in Word or PDF can be difficult to manage on the smartphone. Therefore, the experts recommend digital signature online solutions with all features to provide an environment where devices do not matter.

digital signature online

Traceability of the phases and control of signatures

An electronic signature solution must allow you to track the signing process: receipt, opening, and signing of the document.

In this way, you can control the procedure through which the signer has received and signed the document without investing time to monitor it via phone or email to verify it.

Maximum possible automation

Any electronic signature solution that facilitates the automation of processes and preparation of electrical contract agreement PDF through integration via API must be considered when choosing a platform. In the case of using the best online signature app, integration via API is the ideal measure for all those companies that need to incorporate the signature process into their internal flow of procedures – that is, they want to avoid that the signer has to leave the company’s platform to sign the document-.

In addition to not losing customers in the signing process, this option saves employees time and results in greater department productivity.

Unique signatures or copy-paste?

Not all electronic signature solutions provide adequate guarantees that make a signature truly personal, non-transferable, and therefore impossible to copy.

When evaluating different platforms, it must be ensured that they do not store the signatures. It means that copy-paste cannot be done. Furthermore, at each time, it is necessary to sign a document. In this way, the signer does so expressly to the same, without resorting to any stored file.

digital signature online

Do you already know that general and digital signature online solutions are not the same?

Many solutions offer simple electronic signatures that, unlike advanced ones, do not uniquely identify the signer.

The reason is that an advanced electronic signature must meet a series of requirements, and these are what define the second level of security. These are legal requirements, and many countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries have made these legislations. These requirements are almost the same that may have the following clauses:

  •         Electronic signature has to be uniquely linked to a specific signer.
  •         It must allow the identification of the same.
  •         It must have been created by means under the exclusive control of the signer.
  •         It should enable the signer to detect any subsequent changes to his signature.

Do they adapt to your corporate image?

Interestingly, many experts think that customized contracts online platform helps develop the corporate image of the company. Let me explain it here:

The logo is a visual reflection of the corporate culture and values. It means that any detail that allows taking care of and promoting these values ​​contributes to reinforcing all the branding work that the company carries out in other areas. Ultimately, it is about transmitting a solid and coherent corporate image. So, we can say that digital signature solutions develop your brand reputation and coherent corporate image in the strategic market  and front of your competitors.


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