September 22, 2022

Finding the correct lab equipment for all needs and purposes can be very hectic in Australia. So, when looking into laboratory equipment/laboratory equipment suppliers in the country, there are a lot of factors to go through to ensure that the equipment is top-notch and offers the best return on investment. With Australia having a significant market for laboratory equipment, people need to sift through hundreds of thousands of models and designs to choose the best one. But don’t worry about that! This online guide will help newbie laboratory owners in Australia choose the right equipment for all their laboratory needs.

  1. Identify the Type of Equipment Needed

What is needed for the lab, and what is the application for the equipment? Identifying the type of equipment that is required will help lab owners narrow down their options and choose the best without wasting any time. So, find out whether there is a particular brand or company that caters to those needs. Buying the best fit for the laboratory can be beneficial both in terms of functionality as well as productivity.

  1. Finding the Best Stores for Equipment

When searching for laboratory equipment/laboratory equipment suppliers, there are many options in Australia. Some brands have individual stores, third-party supplies and online websites. And buying directly from the brands will ensure that the products are authentic, and buyers will also receive warranty and quality check certificates. As for the third-party suppliers in Australia, the prices may be low, but there will be no guarantee of any warranty, and the quality of the equipment will also be in question. In any case, it’s best to buy from the brands themselves or from authorised dealers, online or otherwise, as they can provide the most information regarding their products.

  1. Always Test the Device Before Finalising Purchase
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Always ask the store staff to demonstrate the equipment to see how it fares. It will be an excellent opportunity for the buyers to see how the product works. Besides, it is always ideal to check whether the device is working to its full functionality before it is brought back to the lab. It is also a good idea to visit equipment demonstrations that most laboratory brands in Australia host across the country.

  1. Always Ask About the Warranty and the Service Contracts

Always ask the sellers about the process of claiming the warranty, the period of warranty and the issues that can nullify the device’s warranty. Ask about the service contracts that these devices can get once their warranty expires. Service contracts can help save a lot of money as buyers don’t need to hire third-party technicians to fix their devices. Hence, make sure to look into the price and period of the service contracts the brands offer.

  1. Reviews and Referrals

Read up on the reviews of customers and clients on the brands and their devices. Reviews can help gauge the quality and customer service of the company and will help finalise the purchasing decisions of the buyer. Meanwhile, most feedback and reviews can be found on the company website. It’s also a good idea to ask other laboratory owners and colleagues about what they recommend.

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Above all, always consider the total budget and compare the various prices offered by different brands and sellers. High-quality devices will always cost more, and they’ll be durable in the long run too. However, don’t compromise quality and functionality for lower prices, as it’ll be a wrong decision considering the maintenance costs and repair work required in the years to come.



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