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June 27, 2021

Summer brings a lot of excitement, For AC Consumers it is a fun-filled outdoor activities and a lot of spare time in an AC chilled bedroom. And between all the pool parties, backyard BBQs and ball games, a compromised AC unit or being bombed with a heavy electric bill is sure to heat things beyond usual.

That said, an average AC consumes approximately 3,500 watts or 3.5 kilowatts per hour which makes it one of the biggest energy consumers. Fortunately, there’re many different ways to use the AC unit in your home while minimizing the energy consumption altogether.

To know what it means, have a look at some of the most effective ways to save on your energy bill without compromising cool and comfort.

Upgrade with a Smart Thermostat

Upgrade your current AC unit with a smart thermostat that’s sure to reduce the energy cost during sweltering summers. It’s a high-quality device which regulates the function of the unit by automatically turning it ON and Off whenever the interior achieves the desired temperature. A smart thermostat can also be adjusted using a mobile app which further makes the process even more convenient. The device can help in reducing the energy bill cost by more-or-less 10%.

Go for a Ceiling Fan

There’s also an alternative to the AC units, none other than a ceiling fan that can cool your interior by 10-degrees without giving you a financial shock. On comparing energy consumption of both an AC and a ceiling fan, the latter takes only 10% of the total that goes into the AC unit. Besides, a ceiling fan effectively regulates air to every corner of your room which helps in ventilation as well as to make your space more comfortable. There’s also a high-tech smart ceiling fan that can be managed from a mobile app with radio and sensors installed in the actual unit.

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Insulated Doors & Windows

Insulation reduces flow of heat through the walls while keeping you cool during summers and warm in the winters. In fact, insulating the attic also prevents sunlight from turning your living room into an oven whereas it also prevents heat from spreading all over your house. As a result, it can save more or less 40% from your average energy bill.

Window Shades

It’s obvious that direct exposure to sunlight can heat up your home’s interior, easily raising the temperature anywhere between 10-and-20 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it also puts more pressure on the AC unit to maintain the temperature inside which eventually increases energy bills cost. A simple solution is going for window shutters, blinds, curtains and other such covers that helps in reducing the heat.

During daytime, you can shade the windows to avoid direct sunlight coming into your home. Simply lift or fold them back in the evening to welcome a pleasant breeze as well as to brighten up the interior with natural light instead of turning ON all the electricity lights, thus saving you even more on energy bills.

Avoid Activities that Builds Up Heat

With temperature already at its peak during summer, performing heat building activities indoors such as running multiple electricity items, cooking on the stovetop and even working out using power machines surely increases indoor heat. Performing all such activities means you’ll put more pressure on the AC unit to keep the temperature maintained.

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But there’s always an alternative such as hanging the clothes on a clothesline in the balcony or terrace, doing the dishes manually and allowing them to air dry, microwave the food and so on. In case you’ve an exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom, turn it ON to expel all internal heat and humidity.

AC Repairs & Maintenance

Like every other electronic item in your home and office, AC also needs routine inspection and maintenance to keep the unit operational in the long-run, for ongoing efficient and effective performance as well as to avoid unexpected repairs and replacement cost should there be a bigger fault simply because of human biases; ignorance. AC repairs and maintenance services are best provided by professional handyman services in Dubai under the supervision of certified technicians.

Cleaning the AC’s filters maintains the air flow, keeps it clean as well as prevent unlikely odor that otherwise can be experienced should the filters remain uncleaned. Evaporator and condenser coils should also be kept clean of dust, dirt and debris build-up. Such smaller maintenance and professional care keep the performance at its optimum while reducing heavy energy bills cost.

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One Degree Up

Can you differentiate a room having the temperature difference of only a degree? Probably not and neither could most of the people. When you’re trying to reduce energy consumption on the unit without completely turning away from the AC, simply move up or down by one degree which is perhaps an effortless way to save on energy bills without compromising on the performance.

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Replace the Older Unit

If all the above methods fail, the last straw is simply to replace the older unit for an upgraded version. Most of the ACs are labelled as Energy Star, it’s a standard to reduce carbon footprint, use 10% less energy than most of the electric appliances and devices that come without the label.

Increase in energy bill during summer is quite obvious especially when you’re frequently running the AC, but there’re efficient ways to save on cooling costs without giving up the AC charm.


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