August 13, 2021

Arabian style home decor is a powerful and colorful style, which gives your house’ interior luxury vibes and extravagant look.  This style offers as well a dramatic alternative to neutral colors and shades. Arab home decor reflects the rich traditions and customs of the Arabian Peninsula, giving an impression of walking into a charming palace! Arab style home decor embraces old Arabian traditions, religious observances, while including both ethnic and contemporary deluxe furnishings.

The Arabian interior design of home showcases respect of Muslim traditions and holy Quran. For those who are attracted to home decor in Arabic, you will find in this blog 10 latest Arab Style home decor ideas that will fascinate you and inspire you for your next remodeling. It is worth noting that Arabian touch is easily detected in a room for its patterns, specific design, colors, and so on. In this blog, you will take a closer look at these features, for you to get inspired from the interior design at home ideas of outstanding Arab interior designers in the region!

Arabian Patterns:

Whether Girih – elaborate interlacing patterns formed of five standardized shapes –, or Arabesque – based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing foliage, often combined with other elements –, patterns are the feature that Arabian-interior-style lovers relate to most. Arabian patterns seem to be the first element that enters the viewer’s visual scope.

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You will be able to welcome patterns in all their forms and colors into your house, whether you buy a flowery Bergère like the one designed by UAE luxury furniture store, Ethan Allen (@ethenallenuae), or you can go for Home Style Consultant, Randa Al Kichtaini’s amazingly patterned table, chairs, and mirror to be set at the entrance, or even purchase one or more of these red-yellow decorative cushions with green base, designed by Instagram designer @aboutdetails1980.

Arabian Statement Pieces:

Jars (@ethanallenuae), Lanterns (@sadriano_visual), quotes written in Arabic on decorative pieces (@behindthetealdoor), etc. all will do!  These decorative elements bring the Arabian style out, and attract one’s attention when entering the room.


These pieces of fabric actually have a religious connotation to the Muslims and Arabs, as they usually use them to pray to God. So, including rugs, like for instance, the one designed by @randalkishtaini, is the last trend nowadays, as it is so Arabic!


Whether it’s daylight or artificial lighting, light turns one’d attention to patterns, materials, textures, colors, spaces, facilitating the achievement of architecture’s purpose. Light enhances the way we see architecture and design, beautifying every element and feature! Besides focusing on lighting in itself; light bulbs are also preferred to be well-clothed and enveloped into a dramatic chandelier, like the one designed by @sadriano_visual, or to shine through a charming Arabian lantern.

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Wall design:

As showcased in @sadriano_visual’s living room design, a mosque silhouette is engraved in the wall, infusing a majestic and intense Arabian shot to the room’s atmosphere.

Arabian-style chairs and sofas:

If you take a glance at the @kabalecreations sofas’ cloths, you can hear the Arabian note coming out of the picture! These sofas’ cloths are perfect for a wonderful Arabic home entrance, in addition to being cheaper than buying a whole new sofa, and an amazing option for the ones who like to change their home décor every once in a while!

Arabic handwriting:

Arabic language is sacred for Arabians and Muslims, and including it in the overall décor can enhance the Arabian identity you are trying to bestow your living room with. For example, @behindthetealdoor Products Company crafted a decoration object on which it is written ‘Passion’ in gold in the Arabic language. You can find many similar objects out there for you to place next to the TV or on the center table in your living room.


Arabian patterns could also appear in tiles, like the ones made by @hajigallery!


Wooden trays with traditional colors (red, brown blue…) are perfect match for an Arabian dining room! @artbysara20 Arts and Crafts Store designed a wonderful wood and resin tray with matching coasters to be specifically used in Arabic living rooms!

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Tablecloths add an Arabian spice to the room, especially if it is a khayameya tablecloth! Khayameya is a type of decorative appliqué textile used to deorate tents in the Middle East in the past centuries! You can check handcrafting designer @malaikalinens on Instagram for more analogous tablecloths.

~Jenny Joumaa


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