November 2, 2021

Business travelers spend most of their working time away from the office. So, it’s not surprising that they are the most actively taking advantage of all the mobile applications. According to PhoCusWright, 95% of business travelers in the US have a smartphone. At the same time, Comscore says that every third owner of such a device has planned a business trip by using his gadget.

Yes, smartphones make a tourist’s life much easier. Imagine you need to rent a car. With many useful mobile apps, you can book Seattle, Austin, Miami, or Los Angeles minivan rental. All you need to do is enter the desired pickup location and find a suitable rental car.

Of course, modern apps installed on your phone can do much more than you’d expect. Check out the ones that deserve special mention – they allow you to make your business trip as comfortable as possible.


PackPoint helps you take all the things you need on your trip. Now you don’t need to search for a store to buy shower gel or warm jumper instead of the set of T-shirts that you brought with you. Just download PackPoint before you travel and use it.

In PackPoint, you can set the country, city, date, and even the length of the trip, as well as planned activities – from a business meeting to relaxing on the beach. The app does it all for you. Based on the weather forecast, PackPoint will give you a recommended list of things and give you tips on what else to take with you.

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You can use this app to store and organize your plane boarding passes, cinema or sporting event tickets, all kinds of store cards, coupon codes, and gift certificates. The travel industry is rapidly adapting to a new product. So, the program is currently used by travel providers such as American Airlines, United, Air Canada and Lufthansa, Starwood Hotels, W Hotels, and the London Heathrow loyalty program.

Award Wallet 

The application is perfect for those people who regularly go on business trips and actively use various loyalty programs. Whether it’s free airline miles, discounts from hotels, transfer companies, or car rental agencies, Award Wallet lets you download all of these programs into one system.

Then the app automatically tracks user activity and provides quick access to each loyalty program. In addition, you can use the app even without an internet connection, since login and data access are available offline.



This application is a real personal travel agent for the business traveler. After installing WorldMate for the first time, you need to log in and provide the application with the required permissions. The simplicity of the interface will make it easy to understand all the functions.

The ‘My Trips’ section shows the times of your flights, hotel and rental car reservations. Also, you will be able to access all sorts of information, including the availability of hotel rooms, flight tickets, airport transfers, or the weather anywhere in the world. For each scheduled event, you can use the built-in alarm clock, which will not allow you to miss your flight or meeting.

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Even if you don’t plan to use a taxi on your business trip, sometimes you can’t do without it. In these cases, the Uber app is the best solution. The application automatically connects with the nearest driver who provides taxi services, and after a few minutes, your car will be waiting for you.

You can also use Uber to calculate the fare based on where you want to go. This free app offers service in over 10,000 cities in the US, Canada, and Mexico, so you can use it wherever you go.


Wi-Fi Finder 

It’s a map of free Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 140 countries around the world. Plus, the application can act as a scanner for nearby networks. When scanning, you can specify the signal strength to cut off too weak networks. You can also configure an automatic connection to open points.

In order to find public Wi-Fi networks in the database, you can use the search by region or enter the ‘Public WiFi Near Me’ section. The application will determine your location and show all the nearest points on Google Maps. By the way, Wi-Fi Finder provides an offline mode too. You just need to download the Wi-Fi points database first.

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Business travelers often have to meet many new people – for example, at events or negotiations. The CamCard app lets you scan business cards and quickly highlight important data on them. At the same time, you can then integrate the cards scanned into the CRM system for further work.



How often do you run into unexpected expenses on vacation? The good news is that you can avoid them in the future. Just install the Expensify app. With over 5 million users worldwide, Expensify is the best financial reporting management tool. It will help control all expense items, and you will be able to understand where you spent your money. In order to add a specific amount to the application, you just need to take a photo of the receipt. Thanks to SmartScan technology, Expensify enters data, analyzes it, and creates spending charts on its own.


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