May 22, 2022

It would be true to say that a person’s opinion of any commercially-available product is shaped very much by how well it works. So then it would stand to reason that if you were to buy pimple-busting products from the Panoxyl acne patches website and it didn’t do what it said on the packaging, you’re not going to be left with a favorable view.


However, that’s something that often happens, as not everyone follows the instructions on the packaging. Hydrocolloid patches look pretty easy to use, which leads to some people just sticking them on and hoping for the best.


The poor results that ensue can lead to that person never using them again and, in turn, missing out on the benefits. Which just won’t do!


Why Follow PanOxyl Acne Patches Website Instructions?


You’ve got to remember that hydrocolloid patches are created by experts who know exactly what works and what doesn’t. To that end, manufacturers like PanOxyl will only offer instructions that are designed to help you get the most out of the products they sell, so let’s take a look at what might happen if you don’t follow them.


Cleaning the Area First


The first thing that PanOxyl says you should do before applying their pimple patches is to give the area a good cleanse, so as to rid the area of bacteria and debris. However, if you fail to do so, you’re essentially locking this bacteria and debris in place for the duration.

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The result is delayed healing and potential infection, leading to more troublesome spots. Not hard to see why it’s a wise step that shouldn’t be missed.


Leaving The Patches On For 3-4 Hours 


The next piece of PanOyxl acne patches website advice that you shouldn’t ignore is leaving them in place for the necessary duration. No matter how fancy or technologically advanced a product is, healing still takes time. So, if you get impatient and remove them before the stated time, you’re going to miss out on the accelerated healing provided.


Leave them on for long enough – ideally overnight – or you won’t get the full benefit of what patches like these offer.


Using the Patches on Closed Spots 


Another bit of advice on PanOxyl patches site that you should pay heed to is the fact that hydrocolloid gel is only suitable for open wounds. The key word here is ‘healing’, so if you place spot patches over spots that are closed, it means that healing – on the surface at least – is complete, so not much is going to happen.


Ignore this particular bit of advice and you’re just going to waste money on something that’s ineffective. PanOxyl doesn’t want that to happen to its customers and neither do we.

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Adhere to PanOxyl Acne Patches Website Instructions


No one wants to buy a product that doesn’t work, but this is how it can appear when the instructions aren’t followed correctly. That’s not the product’s fault – that’s user error!


So, make sure that you follow official instructions, as they’ve worked out scientifically to offer the optimum effects. Otherwise, what’s the point?


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