December 22, 2021

The Anti-Social Social Club was never intended to exist on the scale it does today. It began as a mere mood board for its designer, but thanks to celebrities like Kenya West and Wiz Khalifa (among others), this street wear brand became popular with young people everywhere in America before spreading overseas too! The founder started out by designing clothes he wanted while living near Downtown Los Angeles – where you’ll find all sorts of different cultures coming together at every turn; HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns being one way that happens sometimes there too). He started out as a part-time hire but quickly rose through the ranks to become Stussy’s general manager. By now, his posts about what one should wear for any occasion have gained him some popularity on social media channels like Instagram and Twitter!

When Neek moved to LA in 2014, it was during this time that he started designing his own clothes inspired by raw emotions- anger and sadness. The first catalyst for ASSC came from Kim Kardashian after she had just ended her relationship with Kanye West; following their split up at the beginning of 2013 (and shortly before we found out about North), KIM WEST Sparrow hat became an iconic piece worn both publicly at Fashion Week shows like NYFW or privately on magazine covers everywhere as well as having its very own reality TV series dedicated entirely towards documenting every aspect around NYC fashion week – including how exactly one can get spotted wearing said pieces!

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In the span of less than two months, Neek design for Photoshop mock-ups went from being just another Design Studio Project to an international success story. His designs were seen worn by some of hip hop’s biggest celebrities including Travis Scott and G-Dragon who both modelled one his Anti-Social Club hoodies on their Instagram accounts after West “the Kanye Effect”.

A week following launch when he saw nearly 2 million visitors in ONE WEEK wearing ASSC clothing thanks largely because they are fashionable yet still give off a street wear vibe without having any logos plastered all over them like so many other brands out there today do – which makes these pieces stand apart.

How could a brand be more millennial than anti-social? ASSC Store had garnered international attention and was at the forefront of street fashion along with brands like Bape and Supreme. It hit an all-time high in online sales with products being sold out within minutes on release day, one way that ASSC success can largely be attributed towards connecting so well to millennials who are oftentimes tired or struggling mentally due to social pressures from school work overloads, etc…The message behind their clothes speaks volumes about isolation which is something many people feel today but don’t know how else to handle properly without any help. The Bold & Beautiful campaign, created by Neek and aimed at celebrating imperfection in a society who believes conformity is the key to happiness.

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This slogan chooses honesty over false elegance which can be seen through phrases like “Get Weird” or “Self-Doubt.” The boldness behind these creative slogans is fueled by his own dark mind as he spoke about during multiple interviews with people such as self-acceptance being one way they do so while creating campaigns for brands including H&M where transparency reigns supreme among other things not just physical beauty but emotional wellbeing too. With a constant change in his mood, he created more relatable content for the youth. This led to increased demand and subsequent expansion of product lines with higher quality clothing options including T-shirts, hoodies flannels dad hats coach jackets.

The Meaning of Anti-Social Social Club Hoodie

Many apparel companies promote the idea that success is a race. This is not the case for the Anti-Social Social Club hoodie. Continually speaking about isolation, loneliness, and mental health issues, the clothing brand appeals to the darkest corners of the mind. They are known for their bold and melancholy slogans, such as “Self Doubt”, “Give me happiness, give me pain”, and “Fuck everyone, it’s just you in the end.” ASSC, however, honors imperfections and accepts them. During his manic and depressive states, Neek Lurk claims his creative process is fueled. Herein lies the goldmine — his ever-changing mood is translated into clothes. Younger generations are under pressure to conform to a hyper-sexualized coolness. Melancholia embodies the antidote to that pressure. We provide the antidote in the form of unisex hoodies and dad caps with a distinctive wavy logo.

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