October 10, 2022

Your air conditioner’s lifespan can span from six to thirteen years. Consider a split system air conditioner if you require cooling for a long period in a home with high humidity or where many people use it during the summer. By allowing users to independently regulate the temperature of each room, rather than relying on a central system to pump coolant through underground pipes, these systems can save energy while still providing comfortable living conditions.


Air Con Is Too Old


Air conditioners have a fifteen to nineteen years lifespan, but it’s not always visible when they’re about to expire. Even if it keeps working, it’s more likely to turn into a drainer or fail miserably this coming summer, leaving you stranded with no cooling at all. If you’ve observed that your air conditioner isn’t cooling properly or is less efficient than usual, it’s time to call newcastle aircon installer before things take a turn for the worse.


The most common problem with these air conditioners is clogged filters that prevent enough air from passing through. Weather conditions, such as extremely cold winters, which allow ice to build on windowsills, generate severe wear and tear that prevents heat from escaping effectively and causes structural failure.

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Frequent Break Downs


Get your air conditioner repaired this summer to avoid problems! A skilled expert can detect any faults before they become more serious. Also, your air conditioner needs to be frequently handled so that you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs during peak hours like these hot summer months. You know what will happen if you turn up the thermostat, so don’t do it.


If your current air conditioner seems to break down often even though it gets regular maintenance, you should plan to get a new one. This is because frequent breakdowns necessitate numerous repairs, which ultimately can be expensive. Instead of wasting too much money on repairs and maintenance, investing in a new air conditioner might be better, especially if the warranty has expired. If you do this, you’ll be able to put money away for the future.


Increased Energy Bills


Your monthly bill will likely remain relatively constant unless you make significant changes to your home’s energy use, such as switching from electric blankets for winter warmth and turning off electronics when not in use. If you start noticing that your bill has gone up even though you haven’t changed how you use your air conditioner, you might want to get a new one.

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An air conditioner’s cooling capacity decreases with age. That’s because the high cost of electricity is highly related to the appliance’s declining efficiency over time. Poor performance from lower airflow due to clogged discharge vents near the filtering system can lead to increased utility expenditures and concerns with other appliances like heating units or furnaces. Considering the possible connection between the two issues, we are back to where we started.



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