March 16, 2021

Google makes many tools available to website owners, for example in a previous article we talked about Google Analytics and Google my Business, but an equally important but little known tool is the Google Search Console. This tool in a nutshell allows you to have an overall view of the status of the site and also allows you to understand which are the main queries with which users arrive on your website. But let’s analyze it in detail.

How to enter the site on the Search Console

Before you can work on the Google search console you must first verify the ownership of the site. To do this, many tools are made available. If you have WordPress, just install Yoast SEO and go to the page dedicated to webmaster tools, copy and paste the code that Google makes available to verify the ownership. Another very simple method is to upload an HTML document to the main directory of the site via an FTP connection, which you will then download. If you do not have any of these tools available, Google has created many guides to verify the ownership of the site, otherwise you will necessarily have to contact the developer who created the site for you.

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The main tools of the Search Console

Now let’s see what are the main tools that Google makes available to you on this platform: on the main page you will find the first screen with the performance of the site. This section contains a summary indication of the visits that the site receives. In the graph below you will find any errors on the pages (such as 404 errors that correspond to pages not found), these errors are very important from the SEO point of view because they indicate empty pages that therefore have no content, so you must absolutely correct any errors 404.

On the left you will find the classic menu that offers you all the tools of the search console. If you have just published the site, for example, you can send the map to Google to index the contents, or you can send the map if you make significant changes to the site.

At your disposal you also have a tool that allows you to measure the loading speed from both mobile and desktop. This tool is very important because the loading speed has been a ranking factor for Google for some time. Improving it will also improve the user experience of the page.

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Another important tool is URL checking: this tool allows you to use the various tools of the Search Console for individual pages of your choice. So if you want, for example, to see how long it takes to load the contact page, just enter the URL and you will find all the data you need.

In short, this tool is very powerful and helps you to have a set of technical data regarding the site. With this data you can understand where to improve and what you can do to improve your website more and more.

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