August 16, 2020

A problem that very often prevents people from approaching web marketing is the complete lack of knowledge. This poses an important limitation: many times, in fact, entrepreneurs do not know what questions they have to ask the web agency to achieve the goal they have in mind.

If you too find yourself in this description the only thing you can do is, in addition to doing a good search on the net, buy some books that explain at least the fundamentals of web marketing to understand how it works and therefore also how to use it for your company. So let’s see what are the best books you can find on the market to start approaching this subject.

Web marketing for SMEs

This book (written by Miriam Bertoli and published by Hoepli) is excellent for starting to approach the subject. It explains in detail what web marketing is and how it is divided into its various parts. The really interesting aspect of this book is the fact that it focuses on SMEs which, as you know, are the largest component of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric.

You can imagine it as an introductory guide, a kind of map that will allow you to better understand your needs and how these can be addressed through web marketing.

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The Art of SEO

Do not be frightened by the bulk of this volume by the technical component certainly much more present than the book recommended before. In this case, the book explains in detail what SEO is and how it can be implemented correctly on the website.

As you know SEO is a fundamental aspect of web marketing, without it the site is not visible to users who search on the web. In our opinion, therefore, this book is necessary for a person who is starting to approach the world of web marketing.

Also take into account one important thing: having at least a general knowledge of this world will also allow you to understand the web agency you asked for a quote to be honest or not.

Don’t make me Think

Written by Steve Krug (usability guru), this book instead focuses on how to make a website or application usable. Even this work is certainly essential for those who are having a first approach to the web and are not aware of all the rules that are necessary to make a website as usable as possible.

In this case, we recommend that you read this book if you already have a website and want to make it better by learning some useful tricks.

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This is clearly only a part of the books that you can buy, but these are certainly the fundamental ones without which you will hardly take your first steps on the web. We therefore recommend that you read them to better understand your needs.

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