October 31, 2021

Located in the Tularosa Basin between San Andres Mountain and Sacramento of southern New Mexico is White Sands. In New Mexico, you will find several chances for the creation of wonderful memories and fun. Do go out into the dunes and tour this unique place.

Tour the Visitor Center: Similar to most national parks, and the visitor centre is a perfect place to visit first. The centre was constructed from 1936 to 1938 using limited materials. Also, you can watch the movie about the history of the dunes while visiting.

Bicycling: Riding through the parks provides the opportunity to see the scenery of the dune field and permits you to experience the sounds and views of this special terrain. Tourists should be informed that bicycle riding is not permitted on off-trail in backcountry regions but only on Dunes Drive when exploring.

Driving Dunes Drive: This is a 13km picturesque highway that runs into the centre of the gypsum dune field from the visitor centre. Moreover, you take your time exploring the white sand and know more about the cultural and natural history. The path is good for buses, cars, motorcycles, or recreational vehicles. Also, on your way, you will see vault toilets, exhibits, parking areas, and more.

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Hiking: There is no better method of enjoying the landscape of White Sands, New Mexico, than hiking on a huge sea of snow-white gypsum dunes. The Park has five trails for hiking to explore the dunes and dune fields with beautiful scenery of the mountains.

Photography: Any person at the White Sands National Park can take pictures with a professional camera or phone. Tourists are practically around stimulating sceneries to snap in the big dune field of different angles and shapes, piercing contrasts, and timeless vistas.

New Mexico in January

New Mexico is an interesting place to visit in January, with its beautiful landscapes, cultures, and archaeological sites. Explore Taos, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, which has several restaurants, museums, and botanical gardens. A few places to explore in New Mexico in January are listed below:

  • Silver City is named due to it being a silver mining town. The city is known for its central historical region, displaying Italian, Victorian, and Queen Anne-style building structures.
  • Taos: At the bottom of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos is famous for its rich cultural heritage and excellent arts scenes. There are several activities to do in the city such as skiing.
  • Santa Fe: This city in New Mexico shows a blend of three different cultures like the culture of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo. The city has over two hundred and fifty art galleries, with almost half located along Canyon Road.
  • Albuquerque: the city’s closeness to the Rio Grande River and Sandia mountains makes it an excellent location for outdoor activities. Learn more about the history and culture of Albuquerque at the museum and cultural centre or hike the La Luz Trail to the peak of Sandia Peak.
  • Los Alamos
  • Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
  • Bandelier National Monument
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First Time Travelers To the US

Let’s take an interest in a question many travellers ask themselves whose ESTA is approaching its deadline after doing a quick usa esta check. What does US law say about the need for the duration of the ESTA to cover the entire stay in the US?

The good news is that, in reality, the validity of the ESTA is especially important when entering US territory. It is, therefore, necessary that the authorization is valid on the day of departure and, even if they stay in the USA lasted 90 days or the maximum time of authorized stay, it is not necessary to have an authorization that covers these three months but only an authorization that is valid upon arrival in the United States. It will, therefore, in no case, be necessary to request the authorization again during the stay if it expires, and there will be no problem making the return trip to your country.

However, the special case of transit and stopovers in the United States needs to be addressed. As mentioned quickly above, transits and stopovers are considered real stays, even if you do not get off the plane you are travelling. Consequently, the date of stopover or transit will always be considered the date of entry into the US territory. For this reason, in this particular case, unlike a simple stay in the USA, the ESTA must cover the outbound flight than the one returning. Therefore, you must take the time to verify that your travel authorization is actually valid for the entire interval. If this is not the case, a new application can be made before departure or while staying in a country other than the United States,

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Finally, it should be noted that even if the ESTA authorization does not necessarily have to cover the entire stay in the United States, the same does not necessarily apply to the other documents. The passport must, in fact, be valid for the entire duration of the stay in the United States, and if the expiration is close, it is preferable to renew it before leaving. Always take note of your esta expiration warning.

Theme Parks in New Mexico

New Mexico is a perfect place for families to visit with their kids during vacation. Locations where Native American cultures are still in existence for children to discover. Also, there are zoos and water parks for kids to have fun.

  • Cliff’s Amusement Park: The Park is the biggest water and amusement park in the whole state. The attractions in this place include the Fireball looping ride, the pendulum ride, Cliff Hanger, and the New Mexico Rattler wooden coaster.
  • ABQ Surf N’ Slide: This is a small indoor water park located in New Mexico. The attractions here include a whirlpool spa, a wading pool, a Flow Rider surfing, water slides, and playing water basketball.
  • Western Playland in Sunland Park: A small amusement park with a 20-ft tall steel miner coaster, four roller coasters, a family steel coaster, and the Hurricane. Attractions for kids include a spinning airplane ride, a carousel, and a train.
  • Manzano Mesa Water Sprayground: This is a water park in New Mexico for every age, where you can have fun during summer. There are lots of water attractions for kids to have fun.
  • Los Padillas Aquatic Center
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New Mexico in November

There is no lack of activities in New Mexico in November. From the return of sandhill cranes to the end of Dia de Los Muertos festivals. There is a lot you can do during this month which includes:

  • Joining in on the last of Dia de Los Muerto celebrations which don’t end till November 2. On November 3, the National Hispanic Cultural Center hosts a free farewell event from 5-7 pm.
  • The New Mexico Chinese Lantern Festival starts on October 6 but does not end till November 12.
  • On Thanksgiving weekend, visit two circus events, the Cirque Italia Water circus and Wise Fool New Mexico’s Circus Luminous.


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