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August 25, 2021

As a business owner, your primary business goal should always be to generate growth and improvement. But there are things like growing too quickly or too soon. It has been seen many times that businesses managed to open a large number of stores within a few years of their launch and eventually had run into bankruptcy.

Officials were forced to shut down operations. Thus, before you invest too many resources into the business, it is mandatory to check if it is the correct time to grow. You have to consider other factors, such as small business tax, financial obligations, etc., alongside planning for effective business growth. Here we discuss several tips that you may consider for growing your business and improving profit.

    • You Should Know Your Existing Customers Better

As the experts say, you should first know the challenges people face to understand them better. Then, you must figure out the main factor that encourages current customers to purchase your products. If you think this way, it will help you determine which strategies will do well and which will fail. 

    • You Should Focus On Finding New Customers

You should focus on making a new customer base, too. New customers will always help in business growth. However, this strategy can sometimes appear to be the most expensive one if you want to generate additional revenue. On average, it may cost you about eight times the amount of money to get a new customer as it is required to retain a current customer. But, there is a more manageable method. You can offer incentives to your existing customers and encourage them to refer your business to others. Word of mouth is still the strongest mode of advertising.

    • It Is Important To See What Strategy Can Make You Different From Your Competitors

Several entrepreneurs indeed achieve initial success by copying the business model of a competitor. But if you want your business to grow over a longer-term, this method will not be effective. You will need to set your business apart from the others and give your brand a unique identity. Customer interviews can be beneficial for this cause.

One creative way to set your business apart can be by creating an avatar for the target customer. There, you may write who they were before purchasing your product and how their lives have changed after using your business. You may do this thing when launching your business, but you should constantly update it with the growth of your venture.

    • It Is Vital To Remove Unprofitable Services And Products

As a business owner, you should always look for services and products that yield the highest gross profit margin. Once you identify the most profitable services or products, you can easily identify the unprofitable ones. It will be up to you to decide whether you will remove the products or services wholly or partly.

    • You Can Reduce Your Inventory

Another very effective way to improve business finance is stock control. When you have a huge stockpile, it will result in unnecessary costs, and more losses may be incurred. But when you order more frequently, you can look at the prices and enjoy the benefits of seasonal clearance and overstock discounts.

    • Lodging Small Business Tax Return Within Time Is Important

Every business needs to comply with tax obligations. Besides making tax payments on time, you have to also lodge the tax return at the specified time of the financial year. A small business tax return will help you claim various operational expenses you hlave incurred for running the business.

    • You Can Reduce The Overall Direct Costs

Limiting the overall direct costs will also have a major impact on the gross profit margin. You can use it to restrict the direct costs by negotiating a better price or getting discounts for every important thing you purchase for your business. When the quality is comparable, you may need to find a new supplier for the best prices.

Another obvious way to minimise direct costs is by reducing unnecessary purchases. Performing a detailed review of the direct costs will help you highlight any overspent purchases.

    • Reducing Overheads Is Essential

For many companies, overhead costs only increase over time. But, how can you reduce this? One practical way can be to make regular reviews of these overhead costs, and professional accountants or tax agents can help you. You can also benchmark your business to similar businesses found in the industry to find the areas of improvement.

    • Take The Help Of Affiliate Marketing

You can consider affiliate marketing. It refers to the process of selling a service or product through a third party, who will get a small portion of the total profit. This method appears useful especially for B2B entities, who can ask their customers (who are also business companies) to share the items with their own customer bases. This way, you can market your products and expand your reach with significant help from like-minded influencers, companies, or bloggers. So, you should have a structured affiliate marketing process in place.

    • You Should Focus On A More Prominent Online Presence

In this era of digitization, you must make sure you have a much more prominent presence online. If you directly sell your products to the customers, it is crucial to make them notice what you are offering.

There are some strategies you may think of. Regardless of the platform, regular posting and content marketing will keep your followers interested in your brand. The content should also be compatible with the brand identity. And generating buzz through a promotion is another thing you should not forget.

Who Can Help You With Tax?

Any leading tax agent in Perth can help you with your business tax payments and tax returns. Proper taxation is a must-do for a business to maintain clarity and keep it going. So, you should never neglect it and always get in touch with proficient experts who can take care of the entire process.

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