Tyre Replacement
August 24, 2021

With an increasing number of car owners, there is a sharp rise in the automobile industry. But this is not just limited to the purchase of automobiles. Companies selling car parts such as tyres also saw a rise in their sales. But not all of us are familiar with the complex parameters, which are required to determine whether we need new tyres or not.

However, there are certain signs that signify the need for tyre replacement. If you see any of the following signs in your car tyres, it’s time you get new tyres for your car. 

Your Tyre Has A Lot Of Punctures 

Car punctures can be caused by various reasons. The good thing about punctures is that, unlike tyre cracks, they can be repaired very easily, using a sealant or a rubber string. Punctures can be an issue for a lot of people, as not everyone has Run Flat Tyres London.

Over time your old punctures can leak a small amount of air, which will eventually lead to flat tyres. Therefore, you need to get your tyres replaced as soon as possible. 

Check For Uneven Tyre Wear

Wearing on a tyre surface can occur in different fashions, but the most common types of wear that reduce your tyre’s life are axial and side wear. These two kinds of wear are caused due to wrong pressure levels in your car tyres. 

If you find that the wear is concentrated in the axial region of your tyres, your tyres are overinflated for a long time. Whereas, if the wear is dominant on the side, your tyres are running at low pressure. However, to prevent such a thing from happening to your car, ensure that the pressure level in your tyres is at the recommended level.

Cracked, torn or leaking tyres are hazardous and uncomfortable. It can be dangerous to drive on them, especially in wet weather conditions or on a slippery road. A simple way to check if you need new tyres is to press down on the tyre with your thumb; if the tyre feels soft or you can see through it then time for replacement.

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Tyre Is Losing Tread Depth

For your car to have a steady grip on the road, its tyres need a good tread depth. In some places, there is a restriction on the tread depth. Therefore, check these regulations and replace your tyres if they don’t match the recommended levels. 

Checking the tread depth of a tyre is a very simple process. You can either do it with a coin, or you can buy a tread depth measuring tool.

Check Your Tyre Wear Indicator

Tyres wear can be hard to measure, and to get an accurate measurement, one can look at the tread wear indicator. These are special indicators fitted in your tyres, which will become visible when your tyres cross the worn threshold.

It is advised that when you see multiple tread indicators, you should buy yourself brand new tyres, to prevent any serious troubles down the road.

Keep An Eye Out For Cracks

Cracks are common in tyres, which are exposed to harsh climates. Tyres are made up of a special rubber compound, which has a solution that makes them flexible. However, due to harsh climates, these pigments can evaporate, making the tyres hard. 

And when these hard tyres are overloaded or made to run in rough terrains, it incurs deep cracks in them. Cracks can be easily found on the sidewalls of your tyres. Therefore, you need to check your tyres time and again for such cracks and replace your tyres when you find one. 

When Your Tyres Get Old

Every tyre comes with a life span, after which the liquid inside it starts getting evaporated, making the tyre less flexible. Therefore, once your tyre reaches its threshold limit, you should buy new tyres for yourself.

Deformities Begin To Show Up

Over a long time, tyres may begin to show some deformities. These deformities are caused mainly by two reasons, firstly due to old age and secondly due to a strong impact of a sudden crash. 

The formation of bulges or bubbles on a tyre is also a clear indication of its inability to function properly. So once you see such deformities in your car Tyres London, get them replaced. 

With our tire replacement service, you can rest easy knowing your car’s safe from dreaded potholes. We also offer other maintenance services like wheel alignment, servicing and tyre rotation. To learn more about our services or book an appointment, call us today!

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