Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Steering And Suspension Repair Services
August 25, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the basic contribution of a car suspension system? What role it plays in the car performance? What are the basic components of a suspension system? To answer in a word, of the thousands of mechanical and electrical components that constitute an automobile system, only some fundamental components are required for a car to function properly, and, one of them is the suspension system.

In the upcoming sections, we have discussed these points in more detail so that you are more attentive to your car’s suspension from the next time you drive.

What Is A Suspension System?

A car suspension system is a component that acts as a bridge between the wheels and the body of a car. Different parts of a suspension system include tires, wheels, springs, shock absorbers, struts, and roll bars.

What Are The Basic Components Of A Suspension System?

The fundamental parts of a car suspension system include:

  • Springs: Springs provide the required elasticity and require the least maintenance.
  • Shock Absorbers: Also known as dampers, they limit the spring oscillation.
  • Struts: Struts connect the dampers and springs.
  • Roll bars: These long metal bars join the suspension systems of two wheels.

For a better driving experience, it is your responsibility to take proper care of the system. The following section discusses six warning signs that indicate your car needs a professional suspension repair.

What Are The Signs That You Should Not Ignore?

If you see any of these signs discussed here, you should not waste a minute and take it to any car service in Perth for a suspension check.

  • Car Dips Forward Whenever You Use Brakes


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Whenever you apply brakes, the car will suddenly stop and dip forward. It is standard Physics. The car comes to a state of rest from the state of motion by dipping itself forward, and this phenomenon is called inertia. But if you notice the vehicle dips more than it typically does, it may be due to damaged shock absorbers.

  • Car Dips On One Corner

Is your car dipping more in one corner? If yes, you should first have a detailed check on the tire on that particular side. A thorough inspection should be done on the tire to see if the air pressure is in the perfect amount. If you find no problem with the tire, then the problem should arise from the suspension system on that corner. Whenever such a situation occurs, you should get the problem fixed immediately.

  • Car Is Pulled To One Side When Driving


As the car gets old, this particular problem becomes pretty common. The most common reason behind this issue may be worn-out tire treads. This kind of tire loses its road grip and pulls the vehicle to one side. A poor wheel alignment also causes this issue.

Though this specific problem is not commonly associated with the suspension, sometimes the worn-out steering component can be the culprit. It is better to take your car to a qualified mechanic workshop for a proper car steering diagnosis and repair.

  • The Vehicle Is Moving While Taking Corners

We have already mentioned that the primary responsibility of a car suspension system is to give you a stable riding experience every time you are in the driver’s seat. Based on different car requirements, different types of suspension systems are installed. When taking a turn, if you think the vehicle is drifting to one side, it indicates a suspension system problem.

You should never neglect this kind of situation because it will let you lose control of your drive. Whenever you notice such an issue, get it repaired as early as possible.

  • Car Is Constantly Bouncing


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While running over a deeper pothole or a speed bump, your car will slightly bounce, and there is nothing abnormal in it. But if it constantly bounces after hitting a bumper or a pothole, it indicates a severe problem in the suspension system. The reason behind this continual bounce is either damaged leaf springs or exhausted shocks. A worn-out shock absorber needs immediate repair as it can cause further damages to the other car parts.

  • Oily Shocks And Struts

Regular inspection will help you notice any damage that may cause driving problems. If you feel there are issues with the suspension, you should take your car for a detailed examination of the system. If the struts and dampers are found more oily than usual, it may indicate an oil leak. In that case, they will need replacement.

Final words

A suspension system is a crucial driving component, and thus, whenever you need a repair, you should take it to the best auto repair shop in Perth. Trained professionals will take care of your car, ensuring the car gets back on the road in quick time. To sell a car in Ohio, you must first create an Ohio vehicle bill of sale, which serves as proof that a legal transaction involving that vehicle took place. The bill of sale Ohio form contains information about the seller, the buyer, and the vehicle being purchased, including the vehicle’s identification number.


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