Interesting Facts About Commercial Cookery Courses In Australia
August 25, 2021

Australia is a country that is filled with warm sandy beaches, a laidback lifestyle, sunshine, and vibrant urban centres. The country is also well-known for its top-class education, diverse culture, and living standards. But when you have decided to pursue a degree in commercial cookery within this beautiful country, you probably made the right decision. 

The commercial cookery courses in Perth will allow you to obtain proper knowledge and understanding within the area of commercial cooking. You will also develop many valuable and essential skills, which will help you in the future. The commercial cookery courses have the power to transform you into a professional chef within no time. 

Where Will, The Commercial Cookery Courses, Take You?

Opting for a commercial cooking course will be highly beneficial for you. You will get the chance to create extraordinary and unique dishes for your customers and also get to manage the entire kitchen along with the staff. Once you receive the cooking certificate, you will get the opportunity to work in every cooking area. Some of the venues you can work at are cafes, pubs, clubs, restaurants, casino houses, function halls, lodges, hotels, and event areas. You also might end up working in kitchen areas, which do not fall under the hospitality industry, such as private hospitals and educational institutes. 

Commercial Cooking Courses Will Allow You To Work With A Close-Knit Group Of People

Once you start working in a kitchen, a famous chef will instantly create a bond with the staff members. Well, this is true for those people who love the buzz of a kitchen and are all set to challenge themselves. You will get the chance to work flexible or full hours and working with people together in the kitchen will surely make you feel close like family. 

You will quickly find yourself squandering a lot more time in the kitchen rather than with your actual family. Building a close relationship with the staff members will also allow you to work pretty quickly and smoothly. But you will surely provide fantastic attention to detail and share your passion for food together. 

Commercial Cookery Sector Has Fantastic Employment Prospects

The employment prospects within the commercial cooking area are pretty good right now in Australia. You might experience fierce competition for hospitalities jobs in other nations, but here, you will find that employment is a lot easier in this beautiful nation. Currently, there are about 49,000 job openings available within the hospitality sector. 

After completing the long or short culinary courses, you can easily apply for a job within this sector. Suppose you are highly qualified and carry a Certificate III or Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery. In that case, you will surely get yourself a good job as a chef and work in places like coffee shops, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. 

You Will Be Paid A Lot More As Hospitality Employee In Australia.

After you complete your commercial cooker course, you will surely find jobs within the hospitality sector that will help you earn a lot more than you think. The minimum wage, which a hospitality employee receives, is $18.29 per hour. This particular wage is a lot higher than any other nation, including the United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, and Germany. 

This shows that even when you start your new job, you will surely get paid well. Once you progress towards a senior level, you can expect your salary to be $51,010 as a Chef de Partie and $63,728 as a Head Chef. 

Commercial Cookery Courses Will Give You The Chance To Travel

Completing a commercial cookery course of your choice will allow you to travel across the globe. How is that possible? Well, through cruise ships. Cruise ships are just like hotels but are massive and have the power to go from one place to another. 

These floating hotels cater to tourists and will surely stop at exotic places you usually won’t get the chance to visit. When you work at the cruise ship, you will enjoy your time as a chef and produce unique dishes and get to visit numerous destinations. This will surely be a dream come true for you. 

Reasons To Study Commercial Cookery Courses

Opting for a commercial cooker course of your choice will undoubtedly be highly beneficial for you. But why choose this particular course? What are the reasons behind it? Look below!

  • Networking Breaks

Opting for hospitality courses Perth will not just allow you to gain proper knowledge and understanding about commercial cookery. But there are a lot of networking opportunities available for you as well. You need to complete a mandatory work placement, which is a part of the course, and after that, you have to go through the process of finding a proper job. 

When you want the correct possibilities, you have contact or connect with the right set of people. But it will become a lot for you because you are based within a country with a massive hospitality scene. 

  • Lively Hospitality Scene

The beverages and food services stand out as enormous sub-sectors within Australian soil. So, when you complete a course in commercial cooking, it will allow you to immerse yourself in an intense food scene and surround yourself with people who love food. Apart from that, you will experience a brand-new food experience, make new friends and will also give you the excuse to go out and do some research on your own. You will also gain some brand-new ideas for your new dishes and obtain more knowledge about the food in Australia. 

Last Words To Share

Australia is an ideal destination for all those international students who wish to opt for commercial cookery courses. The courses will not teach them all the areas about commercial cooking but also allow them to get jobs within the country. These courses can also help you become a professional chef to work in various venues, such as pubs, cafes, etc. Apart from that, you are also free to open your own restaurant in Australia.

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