Shower tray and screen
July 9, 2021

The shower tray and screen are essential accessories for any shower area. The feeling after a long shower is just like you’re born again. Fresh, warm, and energetic. It’s such a tranquil thing to feel, really. Shower places are our own haven. We let our thoughts wander in here and often forget that we have to get out. The showering experience gets more fun if you have a comfortable place.

And what might be better than shower enclosures? Huh? While Shower enclosures and shower baths provide a separate place in your bathroom for you to shower. It is not possible to fully enjoy it without some essential accessories.  Now, you don’t have to worry about wetting your bathroom with your prolonged shower. In these shower cubicles, you need shower enclosure trays o make your shower place ravishing. 

Shower tray and screen
Shower tray and screen

But how much do we know about trays and screens? Let us find out!

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What’s Shower Trays and Screen

These types of trays are fitted on the floor, at the base of the shower. It’s just a few millimeters high and makes your shower enclosure more sophisticated and stylish. It makes your water flow smoothly to its drainage. You don’t have to wipe your bathroom floor after your shower. It’s a big relief, isn’t it?

These Shower trays come in all sizes shapes. If your shower enclosure is r

shower screen

ectangular shaped, no need to worry. There will be a tray of exactly that shape and size. If it’s circular, the circular tray’s here. Just shop around and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, the screen is important to prevent water splashes from coming out of the shower area. Most of the time, we use it with shower baths. In addition to that, you will also need glass screens for partial coverage of the walk in shower area. While here, you will also need a shower tray with it as well. 

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Why Are Shower Trays and Screens Good for Your Bathroom?

Shower Enclosures are more convenient than walk-in showers. Shower Enclosures mean that, definitely, you have to get a shower tray too. These trays make your bathroom looked completed and easy on the eye. These are made for your bathroom to look plush and classy. 

  1. The first and most important reason for installing a shower tray and screen is that these make it easier to avoid water spill. While a tray is important, so it directs water into the drainage while making it quickly flow out of the shower area. As a result, it will help to keep the area clean and dry. 
  2. The screen is a great addition when you have an issue with a water splash. The shower enclosure has glass screens all around. The shower bath is something that is essential. Because without it, you will not be able to avoid water splashing out of the area during a shower. A curtain can be an alternative but has its own cons. 
  3. Shower area trays are also important for providing you a firm, sturdy and non-slippery surface to stand comfortably while showering. Without it you may have the risk of water splashing out as well as slip on the floor. 

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Things To Consider Before Buying shower tray and screen?

You should also know about your bathroom’s size and what size of shower tray and screen you are going to fit in your shower. If your bathroom is small, there’s always space for your Shower Enclosure’s door to hit other things upon opening it. You must finalize the size before getting it. Shower Enclosure Trays are usually made of acrylic or resin stone, so it’s not easy to break. But always investigate the details of things before buying them! You will also need to consider the different types of shapes available in the trays. 

This includes quadrant, offset quadrat, square, and rectangular shapes. If you have an unusual area, then you may also get the customizable pan for your area as per your requirements. In terms of screen, you may choose from clean or glazed glass, depending on your personal preference. The only difference between the two is that you can see through a clear glass. It is important to know that all of such screens should be made with tempered safety glass for durability, not with ordinary glass. 

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Are you Looking to Buy Shower Tray and Screen?

In this article, we had a detailed discussion on the shower tray and screen. Understanding them from different perspectives will help you make a perfect choice when you need them.  These important accessories, including shower trays, are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. So, you should consider all the discussed things for keeping everything right. At Royal Bathrooms, we have all types of bathroom items at lower prices. Have you got COVID-19 vaccinations? If not, should you get it as early as possible?  

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