February 3, 2022

Google has become the most used search engine in the world. It’s not just your friends and family that are using Google, but also businesses around the country. If you’re a local business owner, then this means it is crucial to rank well on Google for your desired keywords and phrases so that people can find you. This blog post will discuss a few ways or take good seo services that can improve your ranking on Google so that customers near you can find you easier than ever before.

Optimize for local keywords by creating content

Having an optimized website with good quality images of the store front as well as interior shots will ensure potential customers have an accurate view of what they’ll be purchasing.

Claim and optimize your GMB listing

If you have a Google My Business listing, then it is important to update your information. Optimize your GMB information by choosing the best category for your business and filling in all of the relevant details. If you are not currently listed on GMB yet, then now is the perfect time to sign up.

Make sure all content is fresh and engaging

It’s just as crucial that new customers can find current blog posts or other online pieces of media when they search for your business. An easy way to keep this in check? Encourage employees at your store to share blog post updates across their social channels with followers who may be interested in what they have read.

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Create an SEO-friendly website

Having great keywords throughout articles about services/products will help increase rankings on Google because the algorithm takes into account many factors including keyword density.

Make the website mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial if you want to get ahead of your competition on Google. 51% of users are more likely to contact local businesses through their phone rather than desktop, so it’s important that potential customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Obtain and respond to reviews

Responding to online reviews can help increase your ranking on Google because it shows you are active and care about customer satisfaction. Make sure that any negative feedback is taken seriously, but also try to encourage customers who leave positive responses since they could be the ones writing a review for your business next.

Build links on a local level

Try to build local links by reaching out to other websites that are related to yours. A good way to do this is through blogging because it helps you rank better on Google as well as gain exposure for your business.

Have accurate NAP citations

Make sure that your name, address and phone number (NAP) is accurate on all listings throughout the web. This will ensure you are only ranking for certain keywords or phrases so potential customers can find what they need at your store.

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Take advantage of trends in your area

If you are located near a popular tourist destination, then it is important to capitalize on the amount of traffic that will be coming through your area. Make sure that billboards or other advertisements around town highlight events taking place in your city.


If you’ve followed the steps in this blog, please leave a comment below so we can see how well it worked for you. We hope that by following these simple SEO tips and tricks your rankings will be improved on Google.


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